It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a character in possession of a good motto, must be in want of Conflict.

Pop over to the Wet Noodle Posse blog today. Superromance author Susan Gable is discussing how writing a character’s motto can help in creating conflict. I thought it would be fun to write the mottos of some of Jane Austen’s characters:

From Sense and Sensibility:
Elinor: Do what must be done and keep your emotions to yourself.
Edward: A man must honor his promises.
Marianne: We are nothing without feelings.
Willoughby: We are nothing without fortune.

From Emma:

Emma: The course of true love needs my help
Mr. Knightly: People must be understood for who they are.
Harriet: My course of true love needs Emma’s help
Frank Churchill: Be charming and witty on the outside, manipulative and selfish on the inside.
Jane Fairfax: I can be manipulated.

Pride & Prejudice:
Lizzie: My good opinion is formed quickly.
Darcy: My good opinion is rarely given
Jane: My good opinion is given to everybody
Bingley: My good opinion is given to everybody unless Darcy says differently

Do you like this idea of character mottos? It is one I think I can do!
Try it on your characters…or on Jane Austen’s.

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