This place has lovely things to look at.

I would rock these shoes. They’re 1790’s but come on! They’re so pretty.

Regency Hat, original condition

I’m not so sure about the hat.  I mean, maybe. But it wouldn’t go with the shoes. I think our own Risky Megan would look fantastic in this hat.  I wish I had the skilz to show you how right I am. Someone with skilz needs to photoshop Megan’s face there. Because I’m right.

This silk gown is soooo pretty. Until you get to the red flowers. I’m not feeling that as a fashion choice, but maybe they were perkier a couple hundred years ago. And yet, it’s like they have some kind of power over me, because I would not mind wearing this dress at all.

I would attend a fancy tea in this dress and catch the eye of a certain Lord HeroMaterial. My slippers would probably be some shade of gold.

Or this one:

Look, it even has a little swooshy train and the embroidery, gosh. It that not divine? I would have to wear some underwear, but a yellow underskirt thingee would look pretty darn nice.

I would wear this gown to an exhibition, where  Lord HeroMaterial would approach me with my cousin Eustace. We would be introduced.

There’s a lovely red dress for sale at this site. Red Silk Faile 1800-1810. The detailed photos will have you swooning. And more.

I would wear that red dress to go driving with Lord HeroMaterial. He would lose his head, just a little, on account of how adorable I looked, and I would have to give him a very stern look.

Where would you wear these clothes? And what might happen to you?