makingvictorianDo you love the word “slapdash”? I do. It’s been another busy week so here are just a few highlights.

I’ve started research for a new series about the grown-up children from Lady Dearing’s Masquerade.  Amanda recommended this wonderful book, The Making of Victorian Values by Ben Wilson. It’s been a huge help in thinking about the transition from Regency to early Victorian times. Thanks, Amanda!

I’m also working with my fellow Regency Masquerades contributors (Brenda Hiatt, Lynn Kerstan, Allison Lane, Gail Eastwood and Alicia Rasley) to launch this boxed set. This set releases on October 13–look forward to a week-long Regency Masquerades Ball, with fun and giveaways.  You can also preorder now for 99 cents! (Kindle Nook Apple Kobo)


I also took a little time to enjoy the fall foliage and pick apples and late-season raspberries.


How’ve you been spending your time?