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RiskyRegenciesRMHeader2Congratulations to all our winners!

Lord Langdon's Kiss by Elena GreeneThe winner of Lord Langdon’s Kiss by Elena Greene is Library Pat.





poeticjusticeThe winner of Poetic Justice by Alicia Rasley is Susan/DC.





rakewallflowerThe winner of The Rake and the Wallflower by Allison Lane is Maribelle.





pjourneynewThe winner of A Perilous Journey by Gail Eastwood is Melody Gonser.




gabriellaThe winner of Gabriella by Brenda Hiatt is Barbara Literski.





rakespinsterThe winner of The Rake and the Spinster by Lynn Kerstan is Edea Baldwin.





Winners, Elena Greene will email you to coordinate giving you your prizes.

Thanks to everyone for visiting the Regency Masquerades Ball! We’ve all had a lovely time. 🙂

For anyone who hasn’t yet purchased the Regency Masquerades set and would like to, get it now while it’s still at the introductory price of 99 cents!

Regency Masquerades is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and Kobo Books. Buy now for just 99 cents!



Meet the hero and heroine of Daring Deception by Brenda Hiatt, Book #1 in Regency Masquerades, six sparkling Regency romances in one ebook–currently 99 cents!

At the ballroom door…

Master of Ceremonies: Ah, the lady and gentleman just arriving—what a well-matched couple! Judging by the way they move, their fine figures and what I can see of their faces beneath their masks, they are a handsome pair. But… Oh, it appears I was mistaken. They have not come here together after all, for I see no sign of interaction between them. In fact, is that scorn I see gleaming in the lady’s eyes as she gazes upon the gentleman before her? Hm. I do love a good mystery.

“Good evening and welcome. Sir, if I might have your name?”

Gentleman: “Seabrooke.”

Master of Ceremonies: “Ah! Allow me to congratulate you, my lord, on your recent elevation to earl. A fitting reward, I should say. The heroism of Major Gavin Alexander against Napoleon’s forces has been widely celebrated.

Gentleman: “Yes, well, I’ve discovered some rewards come rather dearly bought.”

Master of Ceremonies: Hm. No doubt he means the injury he sustained in his last skirmish—though I see his limp is but slight now. Still, it was thoughtless of me to mention it, I suppose. At least his identity gives me a clue as to why the lady is regarding him with distaste. Lord Seabrooke’s reputation with the fair sex is far from spotless.

(Bows the earl toward the ballroom and turns to the lady.) “Madam?”

Lady: “Miss Frederica Chesterton. However–”

Master of Ceremonies: “Miss Chesterton! Then I perceive my congratulations must be expressed to both you and Lord Seabrooke. I saw news of your betrothal in the papers Thursday last.”

Clearly my first surmise was correct and they have come to the ball together after all. But why did Lord Seabrooke seem so startled just now by the sound of her name? And he continues to regard her most intently—curiously, even. Odd, that.

Lady: “If you please, sir, as I was about to say, I am attending incognito tonight. You see, my formal debut is still some days off and it is not generally known that I am already arrived in Town. Tonight’s masquerade is a practice run, as it were.”

Master of Ceremonies: “Of course, madam! A very clever plan, if I may say so. And perhaps, by pretending to be strangers, you and your betrothed will get to know each other better before your nuptials.”

Gentleman: “No pretence will be necessary. As it happens, Miss Chesterton are only now meeting for the first time. Our betrothal was…handled by proxy.”

Master of Ceremonies: So, a marriage of expediency! I do recall hearing that the Seabrooke title came encumbered by debts, but if so, the earl has kept up appearances remarkably well. So much so that most concluded that the rumors were just that. But perhaps not?

“Then I very much hope you will find this an evening of pleasant discoveries about each other. Ah, it appears the music is about to start…”

From behind a Greek-inspired column…

Brenda Hiatt here, vicariously enjoying the festivities… It’s small wonder if Miss Chesterton seems a bit familiar to Lord Seabrooke, for unbeknownst to him, they have indeed met before this evening. In fact, he knows his betrothed quite well—in the guise of frumpy, bespectacled Miss Cherrystone, whom he hired as live-in nanny to his little ward, Christabel. Of course, Miss Chesterton is well aware of this, as she has intentionally infiltrated his household in hopes of proving him a scoundrel and fortune hunter, so that her brother will allow her to cry off this travesty of a betrothal. Interestingly, although Lord Seabrooke and “Cherry,” as Christabel has dubbed her, often lock horns, both are coming to rather enjoy their verbal sparring matches. Though what will happen to their budding friendship when the lovely Miss Chesterton’s deception is revealed, I don’t like to think…

daringdeception“A first rate book that no Regency reader should miss. It will warm the cockles of your heart.”  (Romance Reviews)

Read Gavin and Frederica’s story in Daring Deception, one of six sparkling Regencies in Regency Masquerades, an ebook set which also includes books by Lynn Kerstan, Allison Lane, Gail Eastwood, Alicia Rasley and Elena Greene. Regency Masquerades is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and Kobo Books. Buy now for just 99 cents!


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And now for a giveaway!

gabriellaHe lost a wager . . . but won a treasure.

Due to a lost wager, the Duke of Ravenham is obliged to bring a pretty little nobody from the country into fashion among the high-sticklers of London Society. Ravenham would never refuse a debt of honor, no matter how unorthodox, so he overlooks Miss Gordon’s vulgar relations to do what is necessary, escorting the unsophisticated chit to balls, etc. But what he expects to be an irksome duty turns out to be something quite different as he falls under the spell of his protege’s innocent charm. When he lost that wager, he definitely never counted on losing his heart as well!

First impressions can be deceiving.

Miss Gabriella Gordon only came to London at her mother’s and sister’s insistence, for she’d much rather assist in running her father’s veterinary practice than attempt to fit into fashionable society. No sooner has she arrived in London than the exalted (and exceedingly handsome) Duke of Ravenham comes to call. The reason is less than flattering, however: due to a lost wager, the Duke is forced to bring Gabriella into fashion, a “favor” she would certainly refuse if her family would let her. But the more time she spends in the dashing Duke’s company, the more conflicted she feels— particularly when she discovers they have more in common than she ever dared dream.

“With all the elan and grace of a reigning Regency beauty, talented new author Brenda Hiatt makes a wonderful debut in this most demanding of the romance subgenres.” – Romantic Times

Do you most enjoy the anticipation of when a secret will out, or the actual moment of truth? (Examples?) Comment for a chance to win an e-copy of Gabriella in the format of your choice! All winners will be announced on Sunday.

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Meet the hero and heroine of The Lady from Spain by Gail Eastwood, Book #4 in Regency Masquerades, six sparkling Regency romances in one ebook–currently 99 cents!

At the ballroom door…

Master of Ceremonies: Hmm, this next pair is arriving a bit late –many of the guests are already assembled. He is handsomely attired in evening black, with a fine white silk waistcoat and a cravat that shows considerable artistry. But, with his half mask I can’t quite be certain who he is. Possibly Lord Danebridge? He is on the list and has not yet arrived. I’ve heard he has just returned from abroad and made his appearance at Drury Lane the other night.

The woman with him is attired in a Spanish costume, a tightly fitted black dress adorned with rows of long fringe. She has an admirable figure, indeed! But her lace mantilla hides most of her face. Most ladies are not wearing exotic costumes tonight, so I would lay odds this is the mysterious lady the gossip columns are calling “the Spanish Spitfire,” who was with the baron at the theater. These two are so deeply engaged in their discussion they don’t seem to notice they are approaching the entrance! I can’t help overhearing at least part of what they are saying.

Lady (in a hushed voice tinged with Spanish accents): “You know I did not want to come here, or to socialize with anyone at all. Please tell me we shall not have to stay very long.”

Gentleman: “Ah, but señora, to have refused the invitation would have been the height of discourtesy.”

Lady: “You had no need to involve me. This is not at all how I should be spending my time!”

Gentleman (in a soothing tone): “Did you have a more pressing engagement? Or an expectation to find the men you are hunting for, this very evening?”

Lady: “No.”

Gentleman: “Well, then, I believe the ball should be vastly more entertaining than however else you would have spent the time.”

Lady: “I did not come to London to be entertained, I assure you. This is a mistake!”

Gentleman: (stopping and turning her to face him) “Is it? I am enjoying your company, and I thought you did not seem terribly averse to mine. What could be the harm in it? Are you afraid somehow I will uncover your secrets? (He looks at her intently.) I wish you could bring yourself to truly trust me.”

Master of Ceremonies: This is becoming quite personal! Time to interrupt them. But I do wonder what secrets she is hiding.

Waves to get their attention. “Ahem. Sir? Madam? Are you attending the ball this evening?”

Gentleman: “Oh, I do beg your pardon. Yes, we are. Didn’t mean to stop the flow of traffic, as such.”

Master of Ceremonies: “Not at all. Welcome! May I ask is that you behind the mask, Lord Danebridge?”

Gentleman: “Yes, indeed. You are very sharp tonight, my good man. And the lady with me is Doña Sofia Alomar de Montero, recently of Spain.”

Master of Ceremonies: “Welcome back to Town, my lord. You have been missed. And welcome to London, doña.”

The lady’s striking green eyes seem somehow familiar, although at this moment they are noticeably filled with misgivings. Those do not appear to be the eyes of a Spanish doña. Yet how could she seem in any way familiar? Danebridge did not sound altogether convincing when he stated the lady’s name. And what men could she be hunting for? It is too much of a puzzle.

Giving up, the Master of Ceremonies simply bows to her. “I hope you will enjoy your stay, madam, and enjoy your evening with us here.”

From behind the drapery by the balcony French doors…

Gail Eastwood here, secretly observing. I know that both Jeremy Hazelton, Lord Danebridge, and this lady supposedly from Spain are harboring secrets, from each other and everyone around them as well! Although she just recently arrived on a ship from Spain, the doña is really Falcarah “Falcon” Colburne, returning to England on a mission to avenge her parents’ deaths in Spain. Jeremy has been secretly working for the government during the war, and now on his way home has been asked to do one more assignment –learn if the lady from Spain is a spy. His desire to be with her has moved far beyond investigating her and unveiling her secrets. He would like to unveil a great deal more –including her heart. When his mother and his young son arrive in London, too, and his investigation and “help” expose Falcon to graver danger than she already courts, the course of love is not going to run smoothly!

The Lady from Spain by Gail Eastwood“A wonderful love story full of cleverly plotted intrigue and deception topped off with an intensely powerful resolution.” –Romantic Times

Read Jeremy and Falcon’s story in The Lady from Spain, one of six sparkling Regencies in Regency Masquerades, an ebook set which also includes books by Brenda Hiatt, Lynn Kerstan, Allison Lane, Alicia Rasley and Elena Greene. Regency Masquerades is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and Kobo Books. Buy now for just 99 cents!


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And now for a giveaway!

A Perilous Journey features another risk-taking heroine, Gillian Kentwell, who runs away from home to escape a loathsome betrothal. Unable to dissuade her from this, her twin brother tags along on this road trip from Devonshire to Scotland, with Bow Runners in pursuit. Along the way, they are aided by a man who steals Gillian’s heart, but who is he really, and is their love meant to be?

pjourneyoldpjourneynewWinner of the 1994 Golden Leaf Award “Best Regency” and finalist for CoRWA’s Award of Excellence

Also, winner of two national competitions for Regency Romance writing:
–“Top ‘o the Trees” Competition sponsored by The Regency Plume
–“Romancing the Novel” Competition, Regency Division, sponsored by NE Ohio Chapter RWA

“A delightful read that will warm the cockles of your heart…an adventuresome journey, jam-packed with enchanting characters and lively drama.” –Affaire de Coeur

Do you like heroines willing to take risks to act on their goals? Do you forgive characters whose goals may turn out to be mistaken? Comment and fill out the Rafflecopter thingy to be entered to win an ebook copy of my very first Signet Regency, A Perilous Journey. All winners will be announced on Sunday.

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