At the Frampton household, we are preparing for my son’s seventh birthday party. Tomorrow, we will welcome six of his friends to our house for some party games, sandwiches, and ice cream cake (my son doesn’t like traditional cakes–they’re just “bread with frosting.”) Tomorrow night, the Spouse and I will be opening a bottle of wine. Related? You tell me.

Birthdays have been celebrated since the 1st century BCE, although the practice waned and was brought back during the sixteenth century (and some cultures still do not celebrate birthdays, but you can read all about that by following the birthday link).

As I was thinking about birthdays, I thought about Regency period books, and realized I hadn’t read about many birthday celebrations (besides the reigning monarch’s, but that’s a special case), although they must have existed. For the research wonks out there (Amanda? Diane? the rest of the Riskies? Anyone else?), what were the common birthday practices? Did people get presents? Was there cake? Pin the tail on the Prinny?

What birthday traditions do you like? If you were a Regency lady, how would you like to celebrate your special day?