Welcome to the Risky Regencies Blog Party! Thanks for coming. Do come in, have a seat, have a glass of claret or a cup of tea.

In addition to mingling with other guests and your six hostesses (and of course me, Bertram St. James, Regency time-traveler extraordinaire), you have the chance to win prizes. Six daily prizes will be awarded, one for each day from Monday through Saturday, with a grand prize at the end of the week to the winner of the Treasure Hunt.

1. To be eligible for a daily prize, just submit a comment on any or all of the posts which appear each day from Monday through Saturday (January 9 through 14). The winning comment will be chosen based on its creativity, originality, or truthfulness — or perhaps on whether it made that day’s hostess snort with laughter.

2. You may continue to comment after the “day” of the post — all comments will be eligible for a prize, as long as they appear before the end of Saturday, January 14.

3. It is possible to win on multiple days.

4. Hedgehogs are eligible for prizes, but only if do not leave footprints in the blog.

5. Information about the Treasure Hunt rules and grand prize appear in the post entitled TREASURE HUNT.

6. Isn’t my waistcoat too beautiful for words?

7. The hostesses and their families are not eligible for prizes, although of course they are allowed to chatter as much as they want. They will anyway.

8. Tea is allowed to post comments as much as it likes, but only if it is real tea. It may have milk in it, or even sugar or honey, or a bit of lemon — but no mango, no vermicelli, no pantheon of primates.

9. All the prize winners will be announced next week — so do check back to see if you’ve won!

10. Gentlemen are encouraged to join in the fun. Bounders and cads, however, are not welcome. (You know who you are.)

11. Questions? Just ask by leaving a comment on this post! (To comment, you will need to be registered with the entity known as “Blogger” or “Blogspot” — but this process is free, and ever so delightful.)

Now, to the party!

Bertie the Beau, Regency Exquisite