It is I, Bertram St. James, Regency Time-Traveler Extraordinaire, here to tell you about the deliciously exciting Risky Regencies Treasure Hunt!

Enter now! Answer the six questions that follow, “e-mail” them to the “e-mail address” provided, and you will be entered to win literary treasure!

How do you find the answers to these questions? It is excessively simple. Just search this “blog.” Have delirious fun while doing so. Indeed, become so distracted by all this fun that you almost forget to put on your cravat.

Oh, very well. Having all that fun is not actually a prerequisite for winning. (The prize-winner shall be the entrant with the greatest number of correct answers. If there is a tie, the winner shall be picked at random from those entries which contain the most correct answers.) Of course, anyone finding all six correct answers will have all the fun that I described above — and quite possibly so much more.

The best part of all this? The triumphant winner (who shan’t be paraded by chariot through the streets of Rome crowned with laurel, but really ought to be, if you ask me) will win many books written by the Risky Regencies authors — you are guaranteed at least six free autographed books (personally inscribed with your name) — and most likely more than six. You will also win a variety of delightful Regency-themed or English-themed items, which may include tea, or bookmarks, or who knows what else!

You have through Saturday, Jan 14, 2006 to enter. Email your answers to (you cannot post your answers on this “blog” for reasons that are so obvious that even I can figure them out).

And the questions (drum roll, please):

  1. If Megan could be any character from a Regency romance, which character would it be?
  2. What is Janet’s favorite museum in the city of Bath?
  3. What Regency era pastry recipe did Elena recreate for her Regency Tea and booksigning?
  4. What product was once marketed to worried consumers when the fear of Grave Robbers was prominent?
  5. Which Jane Austen movie heartthrobs won the top votes in the Risky Regencies poll in each of the three categories: (a) hottest, (b) most loveable, and (c) most marriageable? (You must name the character AND the actor for each!)
  6. What two Christmas novellas did Amanda write for Signet? And which one contains her personal favorite couple of her own creating? (Name the couple for bonus points!)

Best of British luck to you all!

Bertram St. James, Exquisite