We’ve survived four years together! The fourth anniversary, according to one source, represents “the blossoming partnership of a couple.” Flowers are the traditional gift for the fourth year, while the contemporary gift is . . . appliances?!?

When we started four years ago, I had no idea we’d still be doing it. Truth be told, I didn’t have any expectations. I just thought it sounded fun, and a place where I could have a different persona than on my own blog (hard to believe, but I am waaaay more neurotic over there). But we’ve blossomed, just like we were supposed to, and I am happy to be part of such excellent company. We are, sad to say, still lacking decent appliances. But that is a minor issue.

(In an intriguing coincidence, my husband and I just celebrated our fourteenth anniversary this week as well. Much fancy cheese was eaten. And I am looking forward to tormenting him for many more years.)

To celebrate our Risky anniversary here, I’ll be giving away a 25 dollar gift certificate to Amazon! All you have to do is enter is say what your ideal celebration is. For example, would you go to Paris and drink champagne in twilight near the Eiffel Tower? Or perhaps hunker down in your living room with a hunk-filled movie? Maybe you’d rather get together with a group of friends and sit outside drinking wine and laughing?

All these sound awesome to me, actually. I don’t know which I’d choose!

So go get us some toasters and join in the party! We’ll choose a random commenter for the winner. And thanks to you guys, our visitors, for making all my ‘what-to-post’ angst worthwhile every Friday.