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    Happy Anniversary to us! I can’t believe we’ve been here 6 years–time flies when we’re having fun, I guess. It’s been wonderful to be a part of this blog and find so many new friends and great reads. To celebrate, I am giving away a free download of my August “Harlequin Historical Undone!” story, Unlacing the Lady in Waiting, set at the court of Mary Queen of Scots (a fascinating woman! Next week I will share some of the research I did for this tale…)

    Scotland, 1561

    Lady Helen Frasier thought Highlanders were barbaric—until she shared an intimate encounter with her betrothed, James McKerrigan. Though their families were enemies, the Highland lord roused a surprising passion in Helen. Then she was chosen to become a lady in waiting to the queen, and their engagement was broken.

    Now, Helen has returned to Scotland and her jilted lover, who has vowed to take revenge and claim his promised bride….

    (It can be ordered here at Eharlequin or at Amazon…)

    And as a bonus, Barbara Monajem, whose The Wanton Governess is also out this month, is giving away a copy! So we will have not one but two stories today….

    Sussex, 1801

    Governess Pompeia Grant thinks pretending to be Sir James Carling’s wife as a favor to his sister will be harmless. She is haunted by his rejection of her youthful advances, but she’s desperate for a place to stay after losing her last post.

    When James unexpectedly returns home from America, she assumes the game is up—until James encourages her to stay, and enjoy the pleasurable consequences of their charade.

    Do you like reading short stories? (I love them for these super-hot summer days…). What have been some of your favorites?

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    Happy Birthday to Us!

    This week marks the 6th anniversary of Risky Regencies, the original, riskiest, and forever the friskiest Regency Romance Blog. (Actually, our first blog was August 11, 2005, but we reserve the right – like the Queen – to celebrate our birthday whenever we wish)

    All this week we’ll be celebrating…..Us! And we’ll be giving away prizes! Today I’m giving away a signed copy of Regency Improprieties, a UK rerelease of Innocence and Impropriety and The Vanishing Viscountess. Comment for a chance to win.
    Throughout Risky Regencies, we haven’t always remained the same. Things have changed and evolved over the years. When Risky Regencies began all the Riskies were writing traditional regencies. Now look at us! That love of Regency remains, but our lives have all evolved into many other areas.
    I joined the Riskies April 12, 2006, (You can read that first interview here) and lots has changed for me, certainly!
    In 2006, I was introduced as Diane Perkins, who also wrote as Diane Gaston for Harlequin Historical. I had just become a Rita finalist (as Diane Gaston) for A Reputable Rake, the book with my favorite cover ever. My first blog posting was April 17, 2006, called My First Time, about why I love the Regency. I’ve revisited this topic many times over the years, in various ways.
    At the time I had also written two books for Warner Forever (as Diane Perkins), The Improper Wife and The Marriage Bargain, and was working on a third. Shortly after that, my Warner life ended and Diane Perkins retired.
    Diane Gaston is still going strong, though, with 9 books, 2 novellas, and one short story. Valiant Soldier, Beautiful Enemy will be released at the end of the month and is available right now from eHarlequin.
    Last week I challenged everyone to come up with five things that makes them happy. Five things that make me happy about Risky Regencies are:
    1. My fellow Riskies. I think our Riskies are brilliant, clever, witty, impassioned, and completely individualistic.
    2. Our Risky community. I love our frequent commenters who feel like friends to me. And I love it when someone new finds us.
    3. Our Risky guests. We have had an incredible array of guests, from a cover model to an author of gay historical fiction. But our emphasis on new authors especially makes me happy.
    4. Our diversity. I love that each of us has our own style, our own particular interests, and our own particular bent on the Regency.
    5. The information! I learn so many things at Risky Regencies. All about fashion from Amanda, for instance, and the definition of “Steampunk” from Megan (I’d never heard of it before). Not to mention all the information about the Regency that I learn here.
    What about Risky Regencies makes YOU happy?
    Don’t forget to comment for a chance to win a signed copy of Regency Improprieties!
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    We’ve survived four years together! The fourth anniversary, according to one source, represents “the blossoming partnership of a couple.” Flowers are the traditional gift for the fourth year, while the contemporary gift is . . . appliances?!?

    When we started four years ago, I had no idea we’d still be doing it. Truth be told, I didn’t have any expectations. I just thought it sounded fun, and a place where I could have a different persona than on my own blog (hard to believe, but I am waaaay more neurotic over there). But we’ve blossomed, just like we were supposed to, and I am happy to be part of such excellent company. We are, sad to say, still lacking decent appliances. But that is a minor issue.

    (In an intriguing coincidence, my husband and I just celebrated our fourteenth anniversary this week as well. Much fancy cheese was eaten. And I am looking forward to tormenting him for many more years.)

    To celebrate our Risky anniversary here, I’ll be giving away a 25 dollar gift certificate to Amazon! All you have to do is enter is say what your ideal celebration is. For example, would you go to Paris and drink champagne in twilight near the Eiffel Tower? Or perhaps hunker down in your living room with a hunk-filled movie? Maybe you’d rather get together with a group of friends and sit outside drinking wine and laughing?

    All these sound awesome to me, actually. I don’t know which I’d choose!

    So go get us some toasters and join in the party! We’ll choose a random commenter for the winner. And thanks to you guys, our visitors, for making all my ‘what-to-post’ angst worthwhile every Friday.


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