We’re thrilled to welcome national bestselling, RITA-Award winning Tracy Anne Warren, author of six Regency historical novels published by Ballantine Books. Her debut novel, The Husband Trap, is the winner of numerous awards including the RITA, the National Readers’ Choice Award, the New Jersey Golden Leaf, and the Golden Quill. All three of her Trap Trilogy novels appeared on the USA Today Bestsellers’ List. The Wedding Trap also appeared on The New York Times Bestsellers Extended List and the Borders’ Group List of Bestselling Single Title Romance Paperbacks. She’s here to talk about her October release, My Fair Mistress, the first in The Mistress Trilogy, and your relevant question or comment will enter you into a drawing for a signed copy of the book. The usual rules apply–no masquerading under different handles–we shall give you the cut direct.

Tracy, welcome to the Riskies. Tell us about My Fair Mistress.
It would be my pleasure. My Fair Mistress is set in 1812 London and tells the story of young, aristocratic widow, Julianna Hawthorne, and darkly handsome Rafe Pendragon, the financier to whom her brother is deeply in debt. Julianna seeks out Rafe, intending the ask the dangerous, sexy businessman, known as ‘The Dragon,’ to accept an alternate form of payment, hoping he will be satisfied with jewelry and paintings. Instead, he tells her the only thing of value he wants is her as his mistress for six months. He never expects her to accept, but to both their surprise, she says “yes.”

Tell us about the next two books in the series.
The second two books feature Ethan and Tony, best friends of Rafe Pendragon’s, the hero in My Fair Mistress.

In The Accidental Mistress (November 2007), the heroine, Lily Bainbridge stages her own death in order to flee an arranged marriage, then takes the guise of an independent London widow. But when dangerously attractive rake, Ethan Andarton, Marquis of Vessey, decides to make her his mistress, her passion for him just may prove impossible to resist.

And in His Favorite Mistress (December 2007), debonair bachelor Tony Black, Duke of Wyvern, finds himself entangled in a sensual battle of wills with vivacious Gabriella St. George, the daughter of Rafe’s most hated enemy. Soon Gabriella wants Tony’s love, but will passion be enough to melt his icy heart or will he make the biggest mistake of his life and let her go?

What sort of research did you do?
For My Fair Mistress I researched the various neighborhoods in London during the Regency, referencing both The A to Z of Regency London and The London Encyclopedia. I wanted to give my hero a respectable, though not tony address somewhere away from my heroine’s Mayfair townhouse. I decided Bloomsbury fit the requirements rather nicely. I also needed another location where Rafe and Julianna could meet for their clandestine rendezvouses without anyone else being the wiser. And then I am always researching various other details from whether men had buttons on their shirt sleeves––they did––and what the most popular dress colors were in 1812 and 1813–jonquil, Princess Elizabeth lilac, Devonshire brown, Pomona green and willow green were a few.

The Risky question–is there anything in the book you consider risky or that surprised you (or your editor)?
I think the premise itself is rather risky––deliciously so since Julianna decides to barter her virtue to Rafe and become his temporary mistress, rather than see her family in ruin. She would rather give herself to a man for a few months than sell herself into a loveless marriage, as most ladies would have done.

What are your influences / what do you like to read?
I read a variety of books, mostly fiction, and my favorite remains romance. Right now, I have been enjoying a lot of paranormal romance. I also recently caught up with the rest of the world and finished all seven books in the Harry Potter series. Wow, what great books.

What’s next for you?
I just completed the proposal for the first book in my next Regency romance trilogy––a lush, vivid tale that takes place in 1810. Once all the details of my new contract are complete, I will let my readers know. Please visit my website at www.tracyannewarren.com for the latest news and updates!

Tracy will pop in during the day to answer questions and chat and you’ll have the chance to win a signed copy of her book–come on in and join the fun! We’ll announce the winner on Monday night.