Happy Tuesday, Riskies! I’ve only just now finished unpacking, doing laundry, and getting back into the writing schedule after RomCon, and now I have to put everything back in the suitcase for RWA. Luckily I have new dresses, new bookmarks to give away, and I’m all warmed up for the conference rounds.

I had so much fun at RomCon! Carolyn’s recap last week was excellent and I totally agree with her–it was the first year for this conference, and they have some kinks to work out and organize for next year, but I thought it was highly enjoyable and lots of fun. It was much smaller than RWA or RT, and focused on reading and the love of romance novels and all the things that go along with them (covers, characters, whatever). The small size (and the hotel lobby full of comfy sofas and chairs!) made it much easier to sit down and really talk to people–I sometimes feel overwhelmed at RWA and it can be hard to do that sort of thing. It was fun to remember what brought me to writing romance in the first place, the fact that I was addicted to the books. It was also fun to talk to writers of so many different genres, and it planted lots of new ideas in my head…

I have to admit I wasn’t as organized as I could have been! I missed many workshops (including the “controversial” ones! I always seem to miss it when there is controversy going on!), didn’t get to see a few people I meant to look for, and spent what seemed like hours trekking around the massively long hallways of the conference center. I also gave into the lure of the shiny covers of the many giveaways, which now reside in a pile by my desk trying to tempt me away from my writing. (Seriously, if you love to read, I have never seen so many book giveaways at a conference!) There was good food, secret rites of the Cucumber Club, and lots of wine. A fun conference. (And there are lots of posts floating around the Internet if you want to know more…)

I didn’t take many pics, but here are a few:

At the workshop I participated in, “Stripping the Heroine,” in my Regency day dress and new spencer and bonnet, with Terri Brisbin and Pam Nowak! (Sorry it somehow go turned around)

At the Saturday signing with my neighbors, Melissa Mayhue and Monica McCarty!

Carolyn at the signing with her neighbor Brenda Jackson!

Hopefully I can make it there next year, I had lots of fun and Denver was blessedly cool compared to the heat and humidity here!

Now on to RWA. Are you going to be in Orlando???

(Also, yesterday, July 19, marks the day the Rosetta Stone was discovered in 1799! Since this post was already long enough, I’m talking a bit about it at my own blog later today)