My fellow Risky Amanda and I have a lot in common. To help you out with telling the difference, I’ve made this handy chart.

Trait A C
Both Riskies Y Y
Write Historical Romance Y Y
Is Under 5 Feet 6 inches Y Y
Unpacked from RomCon Y Y
Packed for RWA a freaking week in advance Y N
Owns lots of cute clothes Y N
Member of Cucumber Club Y Y
Loves Alexander Skarsgard Y Y
Bringing a box of protein bars to RWA in order to save on meals N Y
Wears cute shoes Y N
Spiffy platinum hair N Y
Lives in a villa in Tuscany N N
Has proof of second third career as a Romance Cover model N Y

Hopefully if you see us at RWA, you’ll be able to tell us apart. But if you can’t, squint at our badges or just say hi.