This morning, the buzzer rang at our apartment. Hm, I wondered: more running shoes for my husband? Perhaps a completely unnecessary toy for my son from his super-indulgent grandma? No, it was the first copy of A Singular Lady, my first book that comes out October First (well, actually it comes out Oct. 4, but it reads better the other way, don’t you think?).
I’m an author! With a book in print and everything! I started to read the first few pages, not even remembering having written those words. And so many of them! If you’re an author, how did you feel having your first book in your hands (Cara, you’ll have to wait to comment on this one)? If you’re a Regency reader, which was the first Regency title you held that you were totally excited by, where you felt a new world had opened to you?

Me, I’m just plain thrilled.