Hi, Eva!

We have not forgotten you and we still want to get you your copy of La Petite Four by Regina Scott. Unfortunately, your emails have still not made it through.

We did notice that there was an Eva from Finland who won from us once before. If you are the same Eva and haven’t moved, please let us know and we’ll just use the same address.

If not, we have several suggestions:

1) If you feel comfortable doing so, just put your address in a comment to this post.

2) If not, you could try sending it to any or all of these addresses:


Also, we are not techies here, but we suspect that maybe something along the way thinks your emails are spam. Try putting “La Petite Four” in the subject header and avoiding any words like “contest” or “winner” since those words are sometimes associated with spam. If these things don’t work, you may wish to check with your service provider.

We are sorry this is taking so long and sincerely hope this works!

Elena and the Riskies