I love the Regency era and feel that nothing could be better than spending my days in that world every day. I do understand that others (like Amanda!) love a variety of time periods, but, me, I’m a Regency Gal through and through.

So when my friend phoned me this evening and mentioned that one of her loops was discussing the “fact” that Victorian was the new Regency, I could not believe it.

Some of my friends–Hope Tarr, for example–write Victorian romance. That’s good! I love that Romance, especially Historical Romance, has such diversity. But apparently some people are predicting the demise of the Regency.


Didn’t we go through this a couple years ago when the “word” was Historical Is Dead? True, the traditional Regency lines closed but many of the trad authors have found other ways to continue writing Regency. Besides, traditional Regencies were a genre unto themselves. That event was separate from the fate of Regency Historicals.

Immediately my friend and I began listing Regency authors, starting with the Riskies and their guest authors, NYT best sellers, and so on. The list was looooonnnng.

Why is it when one genre rises, someone predicts another is dead? The rise in paranormals didn’t mean historicals were dead. I remember reading that the historical genre sales had dipped but only at the rate that all book sales had declined. So I suspect that Regency is still the most popular historical genre, but that readers are branching out to other time periods as well.

What do you think? Is Regency on the decline? Is Victorian the new Regency?

Here for your viewing pleasure AGAIN is my cover for Gallant Officer, Forbidden Lady, coming in December.