Even though I have been a voracious reader for eons (I’m older than I look), I never dreamed of becoming a writer. Now I can’t imagine NOT being a writer, even if I only ever publish one book.

That book, A Singular Lady, was also the first book I ever wrote (I know, I was exceedingly lucky to get it published).

So since then I’ve been trying to learn how to:

a. write faster.
b. write better.
c. write better, faster, more-plotted books.

The results? Not bad, although the ultimate affirmation–a second offer of publication–hasn’t happened yet. But meanwhile, here are my Wondrous Works In Progress:

After A Singular Lady, I wrote Mothering Heights, a mom-lit contemporary. It tells the story of a Brooklyn mom (like me) with a son (ditto) whose husband leaves her penniless, health-insurance-less, and alone (not like me, although the Sensitive Husband has problems reading the story because of the similarities). That is finished, and is in the hands of an editor, who is considering it. Word on the street is that she really likes it, but has concerns about its needs for some editorial revision (did I mention a plot is not my strong suit?). The best thing that happens is that I get an offer for it, but it needs revision; the second-best is that they reject it, but say if I revise, I can resubmit; the worst, natch, is that it gets rejected outright. But no matter what happens with it, I don’t regret writing it a bit, since it was in a new genre and in a new POV (first-person).

I’m also in the process of revising a Regency-set historical titled Lessons In Love, about a Greek-English widow who discovers she was never really married, and who is forced into a situation she does not want in order to survive. The hero is a wealthy bastard–literally, an illegitimate man whose wealth and good looks have given him entre into society. And there are some lessons. And some love. Once I am happy with the revision, I will pass it along to my agent, who will try to work her magic on it, and get it sold.

My next project will be a much darker Regency-set historical involving opium addiction, virgin auctions, vicar’s daughters, and thinking that you kill everyone you’ve ever loved. Oh, and hero looks a lot like my constant and ongoing obsession, Clive Owen (otherwise known as Mr. Broody).

So that’s it for me–thanks for the opportunity to talk about myself, because goodness knows, I don’t do that enough.