Or, what I’m doing at the moment.

My next book (and you have no idea what a thrill it is to be able to say that), finally has a working title–The Chronicles of Miss Wellesley-Clegg with the Occasional Scribbles of Mr. Inigo Linsley–and will be out (probably) in October 2007 (Avon). It’s a Regency chicklit, and here’s an excerpt, a series of letters written and discarded by the hero to the heroine after she’s discovered why he really proposed to her:

I do not deserve the censure you have heaped upon me. Consider that you are so depraved as to accept from gentlemen you barely know offers of marriage in water-closets and

Dear Miss Wellesley-Clegg,
Despite the offence you caused me today when you slandered my person, I shall deign to forgive you as you come from Trade and cannot

My dear Miss Wellesley-Clegg,
I shall forgive your for your impertinence towards me this afternoon, for a mere woman cannot be expected to understand the delicacies of the responsibilities thrust upon a gentleman

Dearest Miss Wellesley-Clegg,
It is indeed regrettable that I may have caused you inadvertent distress when I revealed my

Dear Philomena,
I do not wish to injure your maidenly modesty further by addressing you so, and regret deeply any indelicacy I may have shown when

Dearest Philomena,
Say I may call you thus. I cannot forget the look on your face, the contempt in your eyes, and I am to blame

Sweet Philomena,
Forgive me. I am a callous brute and you the gentlest and most lovely of women

Sweet beautiful Philomena, forgive me for the hurt I inflicted upon you so unthinkingly. I cannot eat for thinking of you, and were it not but three hours since we parted, I am sure I should toss restless all night on a bed of agony.
I lo…

Also in the works, an erotic historical set in the very early 1800s (technically the Georgian, not Regency period). an erotic novella based on Miss Bates which exists mainly as a collection of postits stuck into a copy of Emma, a couple of things to rewrite, and an idea for a Christmas novella that’s a sequel to Dedication (except I don’t think Christmas Regency collections exist any more). Not a to-do list as impressive as Cara’s or (either) Diane’s, but I try…


P.S. the artwork is something I came across while looking for something appropriate for my post on the Cult of Virginity a couple of weeks ago. Tasteful!