So, what am I doing this week??  Finishing up the first in my Elizabethan mystery series (hopefully out next year from NAL! I also have a new pseudonym–Amanda Carmack…). Enjoying the fall weather.  Planning my Halloween costume.  And realizing that my wedding is only about nine weeks away!

In very timely fashion, one of my favorite blogs, The Order of Sartorial Splendor (which documents royal fashions and is tons of fun) is having a countdown of readers’ favorite royal wedding gowns.  So far they are only at #9, since #10 was a two-way tie, and I am really looking forward to seeing what’s on the list.  (I do love #9, Lady Sarah Chatto!  Her mother, Princess Margaret, had my #1 favorite royal wedding look of all)

My own wedding will be considerably less grand than a royal affair, but hopefully it will still be elegant and romantic!  I have my dress, my shoes, my veil (my mom’s veil, which she wore at her wedding 40 years ago!), music planned, dinner menu set.  I’m most excited about the venue, the historic Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe.  It was built in 1873 by an order of French nuns for their girls’ school.  The architect, Antoine Mouly from Paris, had worked on a recent renovation of the amazingly gorgeous St. Chapelle (I mean it–if you have not seen this place, put it on your bucket list asap!) and suggested they model the chapel after that church.  The stone was quarried from around Santa Fe, but the stained glass windows came all the way from Paris, to New Orleans via ship, barge to St. Louis, then wagon to Santa Fe.  It has a beautiful, elaborate Gothic altar and lovely statues, but its most distinctive feature is the Miraculous Staircase.  (You can see its history on their website, which has lots of nice pics as well)

I love the history and beauty of this place, and it’s so special to me since I’ve been visiting it since I was a child and we lived in New Mexico.  I came up with several wedding ideas, but in the end this was the only one for me!  Since Westminster Abbey didn’t work out…  (plus my dress will look great there, LOL)

See more about St. Chapelle here

Where did you get married?  If you could do it again, would it be someplace different?  Where is your “dream wedding” location??