I am behind on my book so today you get this boring post plus some pictures. What the hey.

OK, wait, I have a better idea. Tell me in the comments what you’re reading now. Love? Hate? Meh?

I am reading Sherry Thomas’s The Bride Of Larkspear. It’s the erotic novel written by a character in one of her books and given to another character in one of her books and it’s really awesome so far. It’s self-pubbed, by the way. The two characters involved in the dirty book exchange are the hero and heroine of her current release, Temptintg the Bride. I haven’t yet read Tempting the Bride, it’s sitting in my Kindle. But it is the most amazing experience reading this novella and knowing I have the whole story yet to uncover.

It’s really fun and dirty and all the lovely emotion of Thomas.

Other reading includes Sherman Alexie’s Blasphemy. I am savoring the stories.

I bought a collection of erotica by an author I won’t mention.  Fail. I got confused in the first paragraph and then gave up after trying twice to make sense of it. The weird thing is, the writing wasn’t bad — it wasn’t the incoherent mess that can pop up in books you strongly suspect did not go through an editorial process. But she was plainly attempting to show off and you know what? No. How about you read what you wrote and fix it?

On that note, over at the Popular Romance blog, I wrote a post about the origins of the worst writing advice ever. (Did you see what I did there? I am very smooth.)

Here is a picture of a metal peacock:

This is a photo from nature. Which I took myself.