I had this HUGE HUGE HUGE project at the day job that took weeks of testing and preparation across multiple departments– this was at the same time I was finishing a book. (Can you say STRESS?) As the database administrator, my job included making sure everything worked as it did before. This meant that there were application developers who simply had to test in the new environment. They swore up and down that they did, but when the day comes? Their application logins fail. Well, that can only mean they did not test. Fine. But why lie about it?

Anyway, I lived a life of remarkable stress on all fronts for a long time. But the project is over, the book is turned in and . . . . I got sick.

I knew that would happen, of course. I spent most of last week fighting something off and well, I have been having my own illness pity party for the last 3 days and am now hyped up on medications such a decongestants etc.

What this means is that as I type this, I am not at the top of my game in any sense of the word.

So, it also turns out that I have managed to acquire two copies of The Kyoto Costume Institute’s Fashion which has amazing pictures and content in it. It covers the 18th to the 20th century. I have two copies because, as it turns out, there are different versions of the book, a one volume version and a 2 volume version. The covers are COMPLETELY different but the content is identical.

Leave a comment (See below) if you would like a chance to win the one volume book from me. It’s a high quality soft-cover (really stiff cover).

You have until Midnight Pacific, June 15th to comment. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Winner chosen at random.

Your comment should be about something. Just something, OK? Your favorite superhero. The merits of Skarsgard vs. Patel

Oh, here are some pictures for reference:

Or you could comment about how ardently you pray for my complete recovery from this cold.

Or something.