It’s seems like forever since I’ve had time even to stop by, let alone post, but I have missed the Riskies and friends very much.

My husband is continuing to make a slow recovery from his stroke. We are doing a lot of walking now, outdoors or in the mall, to build up his endurance, and he is starting a water exercise program at the Y. Though not back to work yet, he’s working hard on his language skills, seeing a speech therapist once a month and doing tons of homework the rest of the time. He’s become much more independent (mostly he needs my help with his exercises) and he is driving!

Our children are doing well and keeping busy with astronomy, music, theater, etc… As for me, I’ve been overwhelmed for a long time, caring for everyone and dealing with insurance issues. But now that things are getting better, I’ve been taking time to exercise and meditate. I’ve found some time to read for pleasure and now I plan to start writing and blogging again.

So I am like a hermit emerging from my cave, wondering what’s been going on in the Risky World while I’ve been gone. Please fill me in!

– What is the best book you’ve read recently?
– Best new movie you’ve seen?
– For my fellow writers, what are you working on now?
– Any recent accomplishments, writing or otherwise?
– What is going on in fashion? What do you like, or not? What’s the deal with these jeggings? (They scare me.)