We’ve covered this before on Risky Regencies, many times in many ways, but I just want to go over it again. Maybe it is because I’m starting to write a new book. Maybe it is because I’ve heard some readers say they are tired of the Regency. I don’t know.

What is the appeal of the Regency in romance novels? Why do you like to read novels written in this era?

Is it the fashions?

The drama of the Napoleonic War?

(like how I stuck in my bookcover?)

The manners?

Georgette Heyer?

Jane Austen?


Or are we more intrigued by the Regency as a time of social transition? The wealth and power of the nobility is diminishing as the lot of the common man is rising.

What is it about the Regency that appeals to you? Why do you think some readers are tired of it? What part of the Regency do you like most in your Regency romances?

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