I was inspired by Megan’s Quizilla post a few days ago (and also seeking to procrastinate at work!), so spent waaay too much time taking on-line quizzes and reading various England-travel websites planning a fantasy tour. The product is today’s post–a fill–in-the-blank Janeite quiz I found! Each quote comes from an Austen novel (and movie, as the case may be), and you just have to fill in the blanks with the missing word. (I got 7 out of the 10 right). I’ll post answers tomorrow, and just for fun will send a copy of one of my books to the person who posts the most right answers here before then!

1) “For what do we live, but to make ( ) for our neighbors, and laugh at them in our turn?”
a) Amusement
b) Sport
c) Spruce beer

2) “Oh, who can ever be tired of ( )?”
a) Bath
b) Brighton
c) cake

3) “One half of the world cannot understand the ( ) of the other”
a) Jokes
b) Amusement
c) Pleasures

4) “A large ( ) is the best recipe for happiness I have ever heard of”
a) Income
b) Estate
c) Umbrella

5) “An ( ) is a very serious business”
a) Engagement
b) Annuity
c) Entailment

6) “There will be very few dates in this ( )”
a) History
b) Pudding
c) Loaf

7) “I am cruelly used, nobody feels for my poor ( )”
a) Daughters
b) Health
c) Nerves

8) “A ( ) boiled very soft is very wholesome”
a) Fowl
b) Calf’s foot
c) Egg

9) “A lady, without family, was the best preserver of ( ) in this world”
a) Fruit
b) Furniture
c) Flowers

10) “and what are you reading, Miss…?” “Oh,, it is only ( )”
a) Fordyce’s Sermons
b) a letter
c) a novel