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Photo by Bradford Timeline

It’s POP QUIZ day at the Riskies!

1. What’s your favorite historical romance ever in the whole world?

2. Which historical romance hero do you love the best?

3. Favorite historical heroine?

4. If you were a jelly bean what flavor would you be?

5. What are some of your favorite romance plots/tropes?

6. Clinch or No-Clinch?

7. [What question do YOU want to have answered? Ask and the Riskies shall answer.]

My Answers

1. A Summer to Remember by Mary Balogh. No, wait, I mean yes, but also The Wild Baron by Catherine Coulter. No, wait, I also love Ravished by Amanda Quick. Also Unlocked by Courtney Milan. I loved that, hard.

2. Kit in a Summer to Remember.

3. Harriet in Ravished by Amanda Quick.

4. Licorice because right now I am wearing black.

5. Marriage of Convenience.  We Got Caught, oops.

6. No clinch outside. Total nekkid clinch inside step-back.

Your thoughts on these questions in the comments!

Fun with WordPress Plugins! Take my “How Well do you Know the Regency?” quiz and share the results with the world! (also, any suggestions for improvement in quiz format and presentation are welcome)

One of the questions has some long answer possibilities, so that one may look a bit strange. But let’s get going!

Tell us how you did in the comments, too!

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