Welcome to the Risky Regencies Jane Austen Movie Club!

The first Tuesday of every month, we talk about a different Jane Austen adaptation…or sometimes another movie or miniseries of particular interest to Regency fans.

This week: Clueless!

Clueless, of course, was based on Jane Austen’s Emma…so we can talk about how it interprets (and diverges from) Austen’s novel…or we can just talk about the movie on its own terms. As you wish!

The major credits, to aid the discussion, are as follows:

SCREENWRITER: Amy Heckerling

DIRECTOR: Amy Heckerling


Alicia Silverstone: Cher Horowitz

Stacey Dash: Dionne

Brittany Murphy: Tai

Paul Rudd: Josh

Donald Faison: Murray

Elisa Donovan: Amber

Breckin Meyer: Travis

Jeremy Sisto: Elton

Dan Hedaya: Mel Horowitz

Wallace Shawn: Mr. Wendell Hall

Twink Caplan: Miss Toby Geist

Justin Walker: Christian

Herb Hall: Principal

Julie Brown: Ms. Stoeger

So: what did you think about what Heckerling did with the characters? With Harriet, Frank Churchill, her father? Or any of the others?

And is being a friendly stoner really the modern equivalent of being a lowly farmer? 🙂

All comments welcome!

Next month we’ll talk about the 1980 BBC miniseries of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, starring David Rintoul and Elizabeth Garvie! So please join us on July 1 — always the first Tuesday of the month!

Cara King, who’s getting two perfect kittens later today…hurrah!