Welcome to an impromptu edition of the Risky Regencies JANE AUSTEN MOVIE CLUB!

Today, we’re going to branch out beyond Jane Austen adaptations, and talk about the recent adaptation of CRANFORD.

And in our upcoming schedule: the first Tuesday of June (June 3), we’ll talk about CLUELESS…and the first Tuesday in July (July 1), we’ll talk about the 1980 miniseries of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, the one with David Rintoul and Elizabeth Garvie. Please join us!

So…did you watch any of Cranford? What did you think?

Cast etc are listed here for your discussing convenience:


Miss Deborah Jenkyns — Eileen Atkins
Miss Matty Jenkyns — Judi Dench
Mary Smith — Lisa Dillon
Dr. Harrison — Simon Woods
Harry Gregson — Alex Etel
Martha — Claudie Blakley
Dr. Morgan — John Bowe
Miss Pole — Imelda Staunton
Mrs. Forrester — Julia McKenzie
Mrs. Jamieson — Barbara Flynn
Caroline Tomkinson — Selina Griffiths
Miss Tomkinson — Deborah Findlay
Bertha — Hannah Hobley
Jem Hearne — Andrew Buchan
Helen Hutton — Hester Odgers
Lizzie Hutton — Rosy Byrne
Sophy Hutton — Kimberley Nixon
Walter Hutton — Haydon Downing
Reverend Hutton — Alex Jennings
Mr. Carter — Philip Glenister
Mr. Johnson — Adrian Scarborough
Lady Ludlow — Francesca Annis
Captain Brown — Jim Carter
Jessie Brown — Julia Sawalha
Sir Charles Maulver — Greg Wise
Miss Galindo — Emma Fielding
Margaret Gidman — Bessie Carter
Bella Gregson — Emma Lowndes
Malachi Gregson — Andrew Byrne
Mrs. Rose — Lesley Manville
Major Gordon — Alistair Petrie
Mrs. Johnson — Debra Gillett
Job Gregson — Dean Lennox Kelly
Clara Smith — Finty Williams
Mr. Holbrook — Michael Gambon
Kate — Imogen Byron
Bessie — Hannah Stokely
Mulliner — Roger Ennals
Gypsy Woman — Patricia Leach
Farmer Graves — Andrew Westfield
Jack Marshland — Joe McFadden
Assistant Auctioneer — Adam Henderson Scott
Mrs. Goddard — Andy Rashleigh
Peter Jenkyns — Martin Shaw

SCREENPLAY: Heidi Thomas
DIRECTOR: Simon Curtis and Steve Hudson

All opinions welcome!

Cara King, who has more than two candles