The first Tuesday of every month, Risky Regencies becomes the place to talk about Jane Austen adaptations, and adaptations of other Regency-interest novels.

Usually, we have one particular adaptation to talk about…

…but today is different.

Today is List Day.

I particularly like the number five today, so today we will do Lists Of Five.


Of all the Jane Austen adaptations you’ve ever seen, on television or in the movie theatre…

What were your Five Favorite Adaptations?

Which were your Five Favorite Heroes To Swoon Over?

Which were your Five Least Favorite Casting Decisions?

(Of course, if you have fewer than five for any of these categories, that’s also fine and dandy!)

Which Five Adaptations Are You Most Likely to Watch Repeatedly?

Which Five Heroines Were Your Favorites?

Which were your Five Favorite Comic Performances?

(Answer any of these questions, or all!)

Which Five Adaptations Did You Think Had The Most Wrong With Them?

What are your Top Five Cringeworthy Moments?

Your Five Favorite Moments?

And last, but not least…what five (or any) adaptations (Jane Austen or other) would you like to discuss in the future?

All answers welcome!

Cara King, who is currently debating the relative merits of the names Elliot and Ezra…