I had a lot of fun here last Tuesday, discussing the upcoming batch of Jane Austen adaptations. (Upcoming in the US, anyway — most of them have already aired in the UK!)

As you all can tell, my interest in movies and my interest in Jane Austen intersect to make me a semi-obsessive Austen movie nut.

I may not love every adaptation.

I may not love every casting choice.

I may not love the decision to have Keira Knightley running around, sans bonnet, her hair straggling down her back.

But I’m still going to see every adaptation I can get my hands on.

And once I see them, I love to dissect them, talk about them, praise them and make fun of them!

And I know that a lot of you feel the same way I do.

So… I had a thought. How about a Risky Regencies Jane Austen movie club?

Here’s how my idea looks, in its current form: The first Tuesday of every month, anyone who’s interested can stop by the Risky Regencies blog to discuss a particular Austen adaptation. (And, of course, the discussion can continue as long as people are interested!)

People can talk about their memories of the last time they saw the particular adaptation, even if it was years ago — or they can watch it again (or for the first time) especially for the discussion, and have all the details fresh in mind.

So — would any of you be interested? Are you likely to participate?

If your answer is “maybe,” is there anything that would turn your answer to a “yes”?

Do you have any alterations that you think would improve the stated plan?

Which adaptations do you think would be most fun to discuss?

If I think there’s enough interest, we can go ahead and do this on Tuesday, July 3, and see how it goes! (And if it doesn’t go well, it will have been a fun experiment!)

Long live Jane Austen!

Cara King: Regency Author, Movie Nut, and Austen Groupie