My brain resembles nothing more than confetti on a windy day: “Where does the towel bar go?” swoops by, followed by a scrap of paper with “Remember to pay the ConEd bill” and another one announcing “I am even more tired than usual.”

See, it’s Moving Week here at Casa Frampton.

BUT I have had time to do some fun stuff–my Eight Year-Old son got his report card last week, and we had promised him if he got good grades he could watch Hellboy starring Ron Perlman and Selma Blair (interesting sidenote: Rupert Evans who played Margaret’s brother in Frampton Obsession North and South is in this, too). (Let’s not talk about an eight year-old watching a PG-13 movie with that title. He can handle it, is all I can say, although other random things freak him out. Go figure).

I loved it, too. And, of course, it’s got a romance–Hellboy loves Liz, but things don’t come to a resolution until the end, when they engage in a (literally) fiery kiss. And I realized, yet again, as I watched and sighed, that I always search out the romance. And, if you are liberal in your application, romance is everywhere: In fairy tales, in mysteries (although Miss Marple’s love interest might just be tea), in film (and if it’s not a romance, the character might just be in love with power, or money, or his or her own neuroses), the X Files, in celebrity gossip (who’s Paris in love with this week?)

I bet regular romance readers look for the romance all the time–we, as Chuck Woolery might say, need to find the Love Connection (see, I told you I was scattered. Name-checking Chuck Woolery?!? I am definitely off my rocker).

So what are your favorite ‘It’s secretly about the romance’ pieces of media?


PS: As another sidenote, I really miss writing. I cannot wait until I can get back to it. Leaves a large gap in my life.