I don’t do this too often so today I’m talking about me!me!me!

First off, the DA BWAHAHA Tournament kicks off its voting today, at Smart Bitches Trashy Books and Dear Author. I have, ahem, two books–The Rules of Gentility and Forbidden Shores, in historical and erotic category respectively. So check in at both locations and vote for me–

UPDATE, FRIDAY 3/21: I’m up again–Vote for Forbidden Shores before 3:00EST today at Dear Author. Thanks!

Pause for rant. I get very annoyed by being asked to vote for books I haven’t read by people I may not know on a zillion different places online. Do I vote because I like the person who wrote the book or the person who asked me to vote? What if I like or know either of them but thought the book was rubbish? Or hadn’t read it?

Well, now that’s your problem. Share your views on this phenomenon, if you like…

And now for the big news–I have a three-book contract with Little Black Dress (UK) for more Regency chicklit, who are also publishing their edition of The Rules this September. I’m their first historical writer. I don’t know when the first of the three books will be out but the heroine (a very naughty girl) is Caroline, who makes a brief appearance in The Rules, trying to get into Inigo’s (tight) trousers.

I’m in good company at LBD, with talented writers like Julie Cohen (who by an odd coincidence is one of my CP’s best friends and lives in my home town of Reading). Her latest LBD book One Night Stand is set in Reading, the town where Oscar Wilde went to goal and Jane Austen to school (or, as I like to say, possibly the other way round).

Bad news is LBD titles aren’t distributed in the US–but you’ll be able to buy them on amazon.co.uk and at LBD’s site.

So I’m celebrating!