Here are my answers to last Friday’s Meme:

1. When I think of Mr. Darcy, he is buck naked.

2. Lord Masterful greets YOU at a ball. You look down to see what he’s staring at and discover a billet-doux from Lord Hawt.

3. One of my favorite Regency-set novels is Mary Balogh’s A Summer to Remember.

4. If you could meet Lord Byron, what would you ask him? WTF? Seriously, dude, WTF?

5. You wake up and find yourself in a Regency historical novel. What’s the plot? I inherit a vast fortune that comes with an evil guardian who wants to off me. As I’m climbing out the window to save myself, I fall into the arms of a masked highwayman who turns out to be Lord McHunkyPants who, just my luck, is looking for a rich heiress to marry and ravish him.

6. A Regency fairy-godmother grants you three Regency wishes. What are they? 1) Suffrage 2) The ability to sing like an angel and 3) Good taste in all things fashionable.

7. If you could change ONE fact about the Regency what would it be? Voting rights, including women. But I might insist that Shelly rewrite his essay on poetry so it actually makes sense.

8. Napoleon writes you a letter. What does he say? Darling, the key to the treasure is under the 5th floorboard in the seventh room in your cottage. Spend it madly, my love.

9. How many exquisite slippers are in your wardrobe? None unless my wishes get granted in #6, in which case the answer is 15 and I vote for Reform.

10. How do you take your tea? As hot as Lord Hawt and as black as our sins.

The Winner of the Friday Meme is…. M

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