Romance novels obviously draw inspiration for their plot lines from children’s fairy tales—Cinderella, where the poor scullery-maid gets outfitted in a fabulous gown and meets a handsome prince, Beauty And The Beast, where a woman meets a man whose rough exterior hides a sensitive soul, and stories where the woman must sacrifice herself to an evil being to save her family (sound familiar?), and the evil being ends up being a handsome prince.

Cara’s post about children’s books reminded me of my all-time favorite fairy story collection, which Elena also mentioned: Andrew Lang’s Colored Fairy Books, 13 in all, which gather tales from around the world, including Japan, Romania, Iceland, Africa, and India, as well as the ubiquitous European sources.

(For more information and complete texts (!) of Andrew Lang’s stories, click here. And if you ever get the chance to read one of these books for yourself, pay attention to H.J. Ford’s magnificent illustrations, which aren’t done justice recreated here on the web.)

I’m right in the middle of writing a road/marriage of convenience story, but am already beginning to think about the next book; what are your favorite fairy stories, and how would you translate them into a Regency setting?