The heat wave that has gripped the Northeast (and the rest of the country, but I’m not there, am I, so I can’t speak for it) has forced me to take my seven year-old son to no fewer than THREE movies this week.

And the rest of Brooklyn has thought that was a good idea, too. So yesterday, instead of seeing the Ant Bully, my mom friend, her two kids, and me and my son went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Now, I wasn’t going to take my son because it’s PG-13, and I did think he could handle this movie, but I didn’t want him making me go down that slippery slope and seeing other PG-13 movies like, say, X-Men: The Last Stand. We’ll deal with all that later, I am certain. Oh, and my son’s friend’s dad did stunt work on Pirates, so we got to see his name at the end, so that was cool.

But after the Ant Bully sold out, we had to. Plus it’s a long movie, which meant more time in the AC. And boy, was it fun. There were parts I couldn’t follow–am I a forgetful mom or was it just confusing?–but I loved the action, the plot twists and turns and, of course, the combined eye candy of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom.

And now in romance there’s been a clamor for more pirate books. Sabrina Jeffries wrote The Pirate Lord, which I very much enjoyed (I actually love all her books), Jennifer Ashley has a few I haven’t read, Edith Layton has a pirate romance coming out in December, and a quick search on ‘pirate’ on Amazon reveals over 10 pages of pirate romance books.

Do you like pirates? Are there any recent movies that make you long to read books with a similar theme? And if you had to choose, who would it be: Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom?