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THIS coat. He was out walking. That’s all. A little moody and sad because his favorite uncle died about a year ago and left him dukedom and loads of money. But never mind that. It’s cold and he’s out walking.

Regency Gentleman in a sexy coat, boots, has walking stick. Seem from profile.


Now THERE’S a goddamned coat. That’s what everyone is thinking as he walks past them, feeling maybe a little sad and lonely. He just CANNOT MEET the woman for him. And then he sees a lady wearing this gown:

A Regency silvery bronze gown with little gold decorations. Coronation dress of Queen Frederica, 1800

:::double take::::

And he’s all, WHO THE HELL IS THAT??? Mine eyes bedazzle.

Unbeknownst to him, she sometimes dresses like this.


Pirate outfit of dubious accuracy.

Which she does because a girl’s gotta pay for gorgeous gowns, am I right? The next day, she’s out walking with two of her good friends and she’s kind of jealous of Jenny’s gray shawl and wondering why Betty looks so concerned. She’s wearing a blue cap that’s tots awesome and telling her buds all about how she saw this super hot guy the other day.

Three Regency ladies walking close together. All very stylish and chatty looking.

I’m telling you, he was hot!

But they’re going to a party in the country and so her heart will be sad forever. But at the party, the men go hunting, and OMG!!!


A gentleman's hunting costume with red coat white breeches and top boots.

Boots. Dude boots.

It’s him!

And he sees her:

Regency lady seen from the back, on a black horse. She's totally spiffy looking.


And then, later that night they are both wandering the house and:

"The Kiss" by G. Baldry they are kissing.

True Love?

And then… ??

Finish the story in the comments.







The heat wave that has gripped the Northeast (and the rest of the country, but I’m not there, am I, so I can’t speak for it) has forced me to take my seven year-old son to no fewer than THREE movies this week.

And the rest of Brooklyn has thought that was a good idea, too. So yesterday, instead of seeing the Ant Bully, my mom friend, her two kids, and me and my son went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Now, I wasn’t going to take my son because it’s PG-13, and I did think he could handle this movie, but I didn’t want him making me go down that slippery slope and seeing other PG-13 movies like, say, X-Men: The Last Stand. We’ll deal with all that later, I am certain. Oh, and my son’s friend’s dad did stunt work on Pirates, so we got to see his name at the end, so that was cool.

But after the Ant Bully sold out, we had to. Plus it’s a long movie, which meant more time in the AC. And boy, was it fun. There were parts I couldn’t follow–am I a forgetful mom or was it just confusing?–but I loved the action, the plot twists and turns and, of course, the combined eye candy of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom.

And now in romance there’s been a clamor for more pirate books. Sabrina Jeffries wrote The Pirate Lord, which I very much enjoyed (I actually love all her books), Jennifer Ashley has a few I haven’t read, Edith Layton has a pirate romance coming out in December, and a quick search on ‘pirate’ on Amazon reveals over 10 pages of pirate romance books.

Do you like pirates? Are there any recent movies that make you long to read books with a similar theme? And if you had to choose, who would it be: Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom?

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I was reading over the posts from the last few days, all the great discussion on Jane Eyre, historic castles, and The Green Fairy Book, and I couldn’t decide what today’s post should be about. Something erudite and cultured? Literary, historical? Nah–it’s officially Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arggh, maties!

OK, so I’m getting silly, I know. Maybe my brain is baked from trying to finish my WIP on time and thus have my editor still like me. But the first “real historical romance” I ever read (and by that I mean not a Cartland, a Heyer, or a trad Regency) was Virginia Henley’s The Hawk and the Dove. This was more years ago than I care to remember, I was in the eighth or ninth grade at the time, but I still remember how great I thought this book was. The heroine (the fabulously-named Sabre Wilde) has come to the court of Elizabeth I to get revenge on her long-lost husband, the also wonderfully-named Captain Shane Hawkhurst, also known as The Sea God. He is (you guessed it!) a pirate (or maybe a privateer–whatever, it’s all good), and she has long, red hair and is very “feisty,” which means she pitches fits all over the place and causes big scenes. She also wears terrific clothes. It was an immensely fun book, and it set me on a pirate-story jag that lasted for many months. I still enjoy the occasional high-seas adventure (especially when it gives me the chance to indulge my Orlando Bloom obsession a bit!), even though good pirate books are a little harder to find these days. Here’s a list of titles I liked, and I’d love to hear suggestions from everyone else. 🙂

Marsha Canham’s The Iron Rose (an absolutely splendid book, where the heroine is the pirate–I loved this one. The prequel, about the heroine’s parents, was also great–Across a Moonlit Sea)
Jennifer Ashley’s The Pirate Next Door (a great, humorous look at Regency-era piracy)
Meagan McKinney’s Til Dawn Tames the Night (another early historical read of mine–pretty steamy! The hero also has a fab tattoo)
Sabrina Jeffries’ The Pirate Lord
Amanda Quick’s Deception
Lisa Cach’s The Wildest Shore
Gaelen Foley’s The Pirate Prince
Heyer’s Beauvallet (maybe stretching it a bit? But I had to include it!)

For more info on this great holiday, check out Check it out, or walk the plank!

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