So, does anyone want to report in on how the “Read a Regency” challenge is going? Has anyone read any good Regencies recently?

Here’s a list of some more award-winning Regencies. These all won the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award for best Regency:

1996 — THE DEVIL’S DUE by Rita Boucher
1997 — MY WAYWARD LADY by Evelyn Richardson
1998 — BEST LAID SCHEMES by Emma Jensen
1999 — MARIGOLD’S MARRIAGES by Sandra Heath
2000 — LORD NIGHTINGALE’S DEBUT by Judith A. Lansdowne
2001 — SUGARPLUM SURPRISES by Elisabeth Fairchild
2002 — THE DISCARDED DUKE by Nancy Butler
2003 — THE INDIFFERENT EARL by Blair Bancroft
2004 — A PASSIONATE ENDEAVOR by Sophia Nash

Has anyone read any of these? Any comments on them?

So, who’s been reading Regency Christmas stories?

I own every Signet Regency Christmas collection ever (I’m far older than I pretend to be) 🙂 and have read just
about every story in every one of them. They’re always enjoyable, and often fantastic!

Two of my favorite stories, both in the collection A REGENCY CHRISTMAS EVE (2000):

“The Christmas Thief” by Edith Layton. Funny, touching, and beautiful. First line:
On the day before Christmas, Lt. Major Maxwell Evers rose early, as was his habit, washed, dressed with care, and went out to steal a Christmas present.

“Little Miracles” by Barbara Metzger. Hilarious, sweet, and romantic. First lines:
They were as poor as church mice. No, they were the church mice.

Which are some of your favorite Regency Christmas stories? Or have you read any good Regency romances lately? Reports on either would be lovely!

Cara King,
MY LADY GAMESTER, out now from Signet Regency!