We have some prizes to give away in celebration of our first Heyer Read Along, but I confess that I’ve been so slammed with revisions that I haven’t picked winners yet. The revisions are done. I think. And now I’m a wee bit behind on the next book and I have to hit the ground sprinting on that. I will pick winners this week, so do please watch this space.

Thank you to everyone who participated, whether you commented or just read the book. Venetia love was in the air! Major kudos to everyone who commented. The discussions of this book were lovely. You guys are really awesome! I really enjoyed reading about that people thought and going over the varied analyses. There were even a few side discussions on Twitter that were quite interesting.

I had such great fun with this. As you may know, I had resisted reading Heyer for ages and ages, because I am stupidly stubborn that way, but broke down a while back and read Regency Buck which I like a lot. Venetia was my second Heyer. I now have two more Heyers in my TBR,

I have a few thoughts for next time, since I think there should be a next time, so any opinions would be welcome. I’m wondering if we should in future read the whole book first, rather than dividing by chapters. I think many of us read the book very quickly and I know my thoughts were much fresher soon after reading. Thoughts on this? Suggestions for improvement?  One idea would be to have a Twitter hash tag for the next Read Along.

Anyway, prize winners To Be Announced soon!