Rest and Writing, that is.

Neither of which has happened much this week, which started with one of my kids getting an ear infection. For those of you who don’t have children, or are fortunate enough not to have gone through this, ear infections generally mean interrupted sleep for everyone until enough violently pink bubble-gum smelling antibiotic has been slurped.

Needless to say, progress on my Mess-in-Progress has been painfully sloooowwww.

The good news is this weekend it’ll be my turn for a retreat. Each year a couple of writing buddies of mine and I get away to a lakeside cottage, bringing laptops, notebooks, inspiring music, munchies, wine and chocolate. During the days we focus on solitary writing, breaking only for meals or the occasional thinking walk (or paddle, depending on whether a canoe is available). In the evenings we chat and watch romantic movies–this year it’s the newest adaptation of JANE EYRE which I’ve been dying to see.

Anyway this retreat could not come at a better time. It’s been a tough winter for writing and this latest ear infection felt like the universe telling me I should give it up. But I won’t. I’ve got friends who won’t let me, for one thing! For another, I know that all I need is some decent sleep and a good shot of writing time to get the mojo flowing.

So my Risky friends and visitors, when you’re at the brink of despair, what pulls you back?

Do you go on retreats and what sorts?