Business out of the way first: I am in the final 100 pages of revising my manuscript to send to my *NEW* agent, that should be to her very, very soon (my MIL is in town, so it’s hard to revise heaving bosoms, so it’s a mite delayed).

But tonight, I plan to Sports Geek out, only there are TWO events happening simultaneously:

The sixth game of the Boston Celtics vs. the Detroit Pistons (basketball, folks) and the finals of the 2008 Scripps National Spelling Bee.

I am so torn! Tall, thin men versus words! How do I choose?!?

Basketball is my favorite sport (to watch–I’ve never played), and I am usually a Knicks fan, but this year, for a variety of reasons, I am rooting for my hometown Celtics.

But then–oh, be still my beating heart–there’s a site where you can see if you would have advanced through the first round of the Spelling Bee, on through to the finals (I’ve made it through the first round, thank you very much, although I don’t have enough time today to see if I make it further).

But basketball! With people that look like this, all mean and intense and TALL and focused:

I think I will be flipping between the two, hardly the only one out there, I am sure.

Do you like sports? What teams do you root for? What Regency pastime would you like to try? Which of your obsessions surprise people when they discover it?