Deadline mania is in full force. Ack!!!!

So, here’s an assignment for you to address in the comments.

It’s 1814 and you (a tolerable young Miss of 23) and your family are in London for the first time ever. Your father, in a moment of unfortunate inattention, agreed to loan his third cousin all his money on a sure bet to win the Derby. The horse came in last. Papa has now mortgaged the carriage and horses to fund this Season for his beloved daughters.

The family fortune depends entirely upon someone related to you (perhaps even you yourself!) marrying extremely well. Mama and Papa are out of the question as they are already married to each other. You do not have a brother or step-brother and no one is currently speaking to your father’s (fat and ugly) third cousin.

Your younger sister (who you love beyond reason) is the beauty of the family, but she is a bit madcap, cannot carry a tune, and requires close supervision at all times. Well, nearly all times. Your mother walks with a limp.

On your second day in London, you espy the PERFECT man for your sister. Lord Gentlebrook. Gentlebook has pots of money and is conveniently single. He is blond. The only potential downside to this union is that Gentlebrook is a snob about singing (by the way, you sing like an angel) and his Best Friend Forever is the notorious rake the duke of Badhoneur.

Badhoneur has black hair and piercing blue eyes. He, too, has pots of money. Pots and pots and pots of it. He is known to consort with married women. In fact, you believe you saw him wink at your mother (who despite her limp is quite attractive). Badhoneur may well have designs on your sister and you despise him the moment he stares down the front of your evening gown. (You’ve always been a bit shy about your bounteous charms.)

1. Who is the hero?

2. Can you identify the sequel bait?

3. What color is Badhoneur’s horse?