As a writer (theoretically, at least), I think about my characters even when I am not actively engaged in continuing their stories.

With my new schedule (working four days a week at an office now, continuing other freelance projects), I am thinking WAY more than writing these days. Which is fine, only thinking doesn’t do much for word count.

I think, and most of all worry, about my characters, who are alive in my head, at least. Are they okay? What will happen next to them? It’s been a long time since they’ve eaten, are their tummies growling?

I am in the middle of at two books; in one, the hero and heroine are on the NYC subway following a fight with demons in a Chinatown restaurant. In the other, the heroine is grappling with her ex’s debilitating illness, visiting him in the hospital in an unfamiliar city.

As one friend pointed out, that’s a long time to be in a hospital. It’s been at least six months since I’ve done anything but think about those characters.

I picture my characters frozen in their time, rather like the fighters in Asian films who get frozen in mid-air while fighting. (Side-note: For some super heroic action and adventure, often with romance, go delve into wuxia films, which feature the heroic adventures of martial artists).

I need to rescue them, though, bring them back down to the ground, or out of the subway or the hospital. As I become more accustomed to my schedule, I am going to look to Carolyn for inspiration, who is also a working mom who writes whenever she can find time, and produces actual books each year, not just leaving her poor characters to be suspended in neglect.

That’s one of my goals this year, to integrate writing into working. Meanwhile, think happy thoughts for my characters, who really deserve some love after all this time spent alone. I hope next week to be able to report–proudly–that I have gotten some writing done.

Meanwhile, Happy New Year! And good luck to everyone else out there with New Year’s Resolutions.