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Cover of Christmas in Duke Street: showing a Regency man and woman against a snowy background, a distant fancy house and distant Christmas tree covered with snow.

Christmas in Duke Street

Yay! It’s never too soon for a holiday anthology of wonderful stories by Miranda Neville, Yours Truly, Shana Galen and Grace Burrowes, am I right?

Four original holiday stories by four bestselling authors. My story is called A Seduction in Winter and I think it came out pretty awesome. In fact ALL the stories are awesome.

There’s a prize too! Details at the end!

Who doesn’t want Chicken Poop?

I will send three randomly selected commenters a copy of the summer anthology Dancing in The Duke’s Arms by the same authors.

But wait! There’s more! I will also send those same lucky commenters some of the best lip balm ever. Chicken Poop. Yes. Chicken Poop. In case you’re worried, as you can see from the photos below, there is NO ACTUAL POOP in the lip balm.

So don’t worry! You could end up with two fabulous books (one free and one for $4.99 or the nearest VAT inclusive currency eqiuvalent) for a total of 8 stories, plus Chicken Poop.

Photo of a tube of Chicken Poop Lip Balm. You want this. Seriously.

Chicken Poop

Image of Chicken Poop Lip Balm assuring us all it contains no poop. which it doesn't.

Contains no Poop

About Christmas in Duke Street

Christmas in London is a busy time at the little bookshop in Duke Street, for love, literature, and shopping. Four couples come and go and discover that happy ever after makes the perfect Christmas gift. A new anthology from the bestselling authors of Christmas in the Duke’s Arms and Dancing in the Duke’s Arms.

The Rake Who Loved Christmas by Miranda Neville

Sir Devlyn Stratton wants to save his brother from an unprincipled adventuress, especially when he meets Oriel Sinclair and wants her for himself. Oriel won’t marry for convenience or become a rake’s mistress. But succumbing to Dev’s seduction is all too tempting.

A Seduction in Winter by Carolyn Jewel

He’s an artist and a duke’s heir. She’s sheltered and scarred. Can he show her by Christmas that love can be theirs to share?

A Prince in her Stocking by Shana Galen

Lady Cassandra has always done as she’s been told. Meek and malleable, she’s lived a life devoid of passion. When she meets a handsome man rumored to be an exiled prince, she sees one last chance at excitement. Little does she know, too much excitement can be dangerous.

The Appeal of Christmas by Grace Burrowes

The best Christmas present is the one he didn’t realize he desperately needed.

What They’re Saying

THE RAKE WHO LOVED CHRISTMAS is filled with emotions, love, sadness, hope, bittersweet moments. Ms. Neville paints a Regency winter so authentic, you cannot help but be sucked in right into her world. And not all characters are always nice, but how delightful when they see the error of their ways and redeem themselves. Another glorious romance by the wonderful Miranda Neville!

A SEDUCTION IN WINTER is a perfectly magnificent book! Honora’s story is heartbreaking, and Ms. Jewell [sic] kept me enthralled with Honora’s fate. The art world is beautifully depicted, the dialogue is splendid.

A PRINCE IN HER STOCKING revolves around books, and a bookstore. There are surprises at every corner, fabulous plot twists, and terrific character development, especially when it comes to Cass. The writing flows beautifully, the chemistry between Cass and Lucien is palpable; what a wonderful story it is!

The characters are all splendid, and I enjoyed very much the little bit about Mr. and Mrs. Merriweather, of the bookshop. THE APPEAL OF CHRISTMAS is clever, superbly written, very romantic; another lovely story from Ms. Burrowes!
— Amazon

Where to Get Christmas In Duke Street

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Three lucky commenters will get a copy of the previous anthology, Dancing in the Duke’s Arms, AND their very own Chicken Poop. To enter, read the rules below and follow the instructions:

Must be 18 to enter. Void where prohibited. No purchase necessary. Multiple comments do not increase the chances of selection as a winner. All prizes will be awarded. If the winners do not respond to the notification within 10 days, an alternate winner will be selected. International OK. Winner randomly selected using the And The Winner Is plugin.

It’s not really possible or wise to gift ebooks anymore. I’ll email you your preferred file format. If you prefer print, that will be shipped to you.

To enter, leave a comment on this post by midnight Eastern October 17, 2015.


Happy February!

I have much to delight you with today, including some Shameless Self-Promotion but also a treasure trove of information. . .

Let’s get the shameless self-promotion out of the way. The seventh book in my My Immortals series released last week.

My Demon Warlord

Cover of My Demon Warlord, showing a hot shirtless man who looks exactly as you imagine Kynan Aijan would look.

Cover of My Demon Warlord

A Demon Warlord Bound by Dark Magic. . .

Kynan Aijan’s centuries-long enslavement to a mage left him borderline insane and bound to Maddy Winters, a witch he intended to kill in horrible ways. Though he’s sworn the bonds they share will never be completed, their very existence feeds his desire for her even as he accepts that Winters will never forgive him.

. . . to the Powerful Witch He’s Desired for Years.

For Maddy Winters, the fight against evil magic users always takes top priority. But her bonds to Kynan give her intimate access to his thoughts and experiences, and she can’t always ignore their chemistry. Her insistence that she has no feelings for him is a deception she can’t afford to give up.

As Kynan and Maddy join forces to stop a rebellious and murderous witch, the dark magic that binds them locks them into forbidden passions and magic that could destroy them both. Will their fight for what’s right lead to a fight for each other?

My Demon Warlord is the seventh installment in the My Immortals series of paranormal romance novels. If you like magical supernatural tales, explosive chemistry, and irresistible passion, then you’ll love Carolyn Jewel’s latest breathtaking romance.

Amazon | Barnes&Noble | iBooks | Kobo | Google Play | All Romance eBooks | Print


In news about my historicals, I am working on Book 3 in my Sinclair Sisters Series. It’s early days and there are some areas of research that are cropping up. If I told you these particular areas, they would be enormous spoilers and, quite possibly, not even in the book by the time I’m done. But never fear! I will be posting research related discoveries later. I learn something new every time.

I’m pulling together the historical novallas I’ve written and getting them spiffied up or ready for release on their own. So there will be that to look forward to. At least, I hope you’ll look forward to that.

Catalog Downloads from the Met, for Free

Risky Sandy posted this link on facebook. It’s from — an awesome site, which mentioned that the Met has exhibit catalogs, including fashion related one, available to view online, order Print On Demand, or download as a pdf. And it is AWESOME. The Met Catalogs.

Lookit! Just as an example. If  I go over there again, I won’t get any work done.

The Academy of the Sword: Illustrated Fencing Books 1500–1800, LaRocca, Donald J. (1998)

It’s spectacular–all of it. I want ALL THE CATALOGS! There’s so much there that’s just wonderful and fascinating no matter what you might be interested in, and I want to hug the Met for this. And donate to them, too.

And so. Happy clicking around the Met.

We love you here at the Riskies.

I’ve been head down working on book three in my Sinclair Sisters series and am at the point where I think the basic plot is in place and a few interesting themes and developments have emerged. I’ve only just begun listing these issues out for a research intensive session.

For those of you who are familiar with the series, Book 3 features a man (Devon, Lord Bracebridge) who was the youngest of several boys and never, ever expected to inherit his father’s title. He and his father did not get along. Rather than join the army, he became a boxer  and from there branched out into businesses that made him wealthy but not respectable.  :::waving of hands::: So, now he’s Lord Bracebridge and he has his hands still in these other ventures.

And now I must go down a research path that should be pretty fun. Gaming hells and other disreputable locations. I will be researching that. I imagine by my next post that I’ll have some interesting facts to share.

Book News – Secrets of a Soprano by Miranda Neville

Miranda is a friend of mine and a wonderful author, and I so love love love the cover of her newest release. Miranda is dealing with some health issues right now, and isn’t able to let people know about her release, so I’m telling you about it.

Cover of Secrets of a Soprano my Miranda NevilleGreat fame brings great heartbreak

No one knows the perils of celebrity better than Teresa Foscari, Europe’s most famous opera singer. The public knows her as a glamorous and tempestuous diva, mistress to emperors, a reputation created by the newspapers and the ruthless man who exploited her. Now she has come to London to make a fresh start and find her long lost English family.

Foscari’s peerless voice thrills all London—except Maximilian Hawthorne, Viscount Allerton, the wealthy patron of opera—and lover of singers. Notorious Teresa Foscari is none other than Tessa, the innocent girl who broke his youthful heart. When his glittering new opera house sits half empty, thanks to the soprano filling the seats of his competitor’s theater, Max vows to stop the woman he unwillingly still desires.

Amidst backstage intrigue and the sumptuous soirées of fashionable London, the couple’s rivalry explodes in bitter accusations and smashed china. With her reputation in ruins, Tessa must fight for her career —and resist her burning attraction to the man who wishes to destroy her.

Where to buy Secrets of a Soprano

Amazon | Nook | iBooks | Kobo | Print

I have a release of my own, too. A historical novella, A Seduction in Winter.

A Seduction in Winter

Cover of A Seduction in Winter. It's mostly blue and the lady is wearing a beautiful dress.He’s an artist and a duke’s heir. She’s sheltered and scarred. Can he show her by Christmas that love can be theirs to share?

As the holidays approach, Lieutenant Leoline Marrable, now Lord Wrathell, travels to London where he’s expected to fulfill longstanding expectations and propose to his former commander’s daughter. Wrathell longs to ease the strained relationship with his ducal father. The key may be an unfinished portrait of his late brother.

Honora Baynard has a terrible facial scar as a result of a childhood injury. She has never forgotten Leoline, who came to her defense when other children tormented her. Now, her over-protective artist father keeps her indoors, creating the beautiful detail work that makes his paintings so sought after.

As Wrathell and Honora spend more time together, mutual interest becomes mutual attraction. Can Wrathell convince Honora that for Christmas, he’d like to give her not only passion and pleasure, but his heart to keep for her own?

A Seduction in Winter is a holiday novella and appeared in the historical romance anthology Christmas in Duke Street. If you like sensual romance, complex characters, and witty dialogue, you’ll love Carolyn Jewel’s latest refreshing Regency tale.

Buy A Seduction in Winter to experience the passion today!

Where to get A Seduction in Winter

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