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A few days ago I was procrastinating marketing myself on social media– oh all right, I was on twitter when someone tweeted that Bullfinch’s Mythology was free on Amazon.

Well, hot diggity! FREE!

So I clicked on through and took a look and yes, Bullfinch’s Mythology was indeed free. It  was a public domain copy put out by the Gutenberg Project. There was a comment by one Richard Martin to the effect that he’d gotten several inquiries about the book from concerned people, and that yes, the book was indeed Bullfinch’s Mythology in its entirety, but it was not the 1991 Harper-Collin’s version that he had edited and commented on.

In 1991, Martin was an associate professor of Classics at Princeton. It was a really gracious comment, and it made me click around until I found the 1991 edition and could read about that, and then, DESPITE the existence of a completely free version of the myths, I bought the 1991 version. Its was only available used and it wasn’t all that cheap, but a well documented resource is gold.

The book, a library edition in excellent condition, arrived today and right there on the front it says:

  • The Age of Fable
  • The Age of Chivalry
  • Legends of Charlemagne

I was immediately cast back to my childhood, when I loved mythology, and gods and creatures lived in my head, and in those stories, there were often large glimpses of women who did things. Goddesses were as fearsome as gods.

This book has a list of proverbial expressions, illustrations, dictionary and index, a bibliography, and maps and charts. You’d think that alone is reason to celebrate the acquisition, but you know what? That’s not it.

It was this:

I opened to the table of contents and very first heading is this:

Stories of Gods and Heroes

Don’t you, right now this minute, want to pick up a book (paper or not) and have an adventure?

I do.

The fun continues in Williamsburg, Virginia! On Friday Amanda and I took a break from sightseeing and went shopping. Book Shopping, especially at the William and Mary Bookstore where I’ll be joining other authors (including Harlequin Historical author Michelle Willingham, whom we met for dinner on Thurs) for a Romance booksigning on Sept 15.

On Saturday we met our friend and fellow Harlequin Historical author Deb Marlowe (Scandalous Lord, Rebellious Miss, Nov 2007 in the UK, Feb 2008 in North America-her debut book!) for a day of sightseeing and working. Amanda, Deb, and I are going to do a Regency Anthology to come out in 2009 (so start saving your pence now!). The photo is of us at the Kings Arms for Sunday lunch, the same restaurant where we ate with Michelle Willingham (The Warriors Touch, Sept 2007) .

At Williamsburg there are reenactments all day long starting with the Governor arriving in a carriage at the Capitol where he addresses the people after word arrived about the Boston Tea Party, and dissolves the House of Burgesses. Well, what was the man to do? These pesky Colonials and their addlebrained ideas of Independence. It was enough to make George III go mad….well, maybe that wasn’t what made him go mad…

Anyway, we had a terrific time working our way from exhibit to exhibit and gift shop to gift shop all the way to the other end of the Historic area. One of the exhibits was the Print Shop, where we watched the Reenactor run the press and I learned things I need for the book I just turned in. I’ll add them during Revision time. We also visited the Milliner who was making stays and the Apothecary, the Silversmith, the Blacksmith. We even worked a little.

Sunday Amanda and I returned to Jamestown, this time to the actual site. We could not see much of the archaeological work that is ongoing because it was all covered over in case of rain, but we toured the museum and walked where John Smith walked all those years ago. Then we met Deb for lunch and then…..we had to drive home. I’ll take Amanda to the airport today.

It was a very excellent adventure, indeed!

What were you all doing while we were in Williamsburg??

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