I have two ARCs of my September historical, Not Proper Enough to give away.

Cover of Not Proper Enough. It’s Wicked Hot.

She’s always hated him. He’s loved her from the moment her first saw her.

The Marquess of Fenris has loved Lady Eugenia from the day he first set eyes on her. Five years ago, pride caused him to earn her enmity. Now she’s widowed, and he’s determined to make amends and win her heart. But with their near explosive attraction, can he resist his desire long enough to court her properly?

After the death of her beloved husband, Lady Eugenia Bryant has come to London to build a new life. Despite the gift of a medallion said to have the power to unite the wearer with her perfect match, Eugenia believes she won’t love again. And yet, amid the social whirl of chaperoning a young friend through her first Season, she finds a second chance at happiness.

Unfortunately, the Marquess of Fenris threatens her newfound peace. Eugenia dislikes the man, but the handsome and wealthy heir to a dukedom is more charming than he has a right to be. Constantly underfoot, the rogue disturbs her heart, alternately delighting and scandalizing her. And when their relationship takes a highly improper turn, Eugenia must decide if the wrong man isn’t the right one after all.

10 Reasons you DESPERATELY Want to Read This Book

  1. You will discover why the cover is NOT anachronistic.
  2. Whenever I got stuck while writing this book I thought up another reason for them to have super hot sex.
  3. There is a magic locket.
  4. There are secret passages
  5. There is a room with mirrors
  6. I actually wrote a subplot! There is a duke in it.
  7. A failed lobster attack
  8. Someone’s valet threatens to quit in outrage
  9. There is a fire and a brief discussion of fire insurance hot omg I’m so sorry you have to live at my house now sex scene
  10. I wrote it, and you love me, right?

How to possibly win a ARC:

Rules: Void where prohibited. No purchase necessary. Must be 18 to enter. Winner picked at random. You must leave a comment as noted below by 6:00 AM Pacific on Thursday June 7, 2012. (So the international folks have a fair shot) If you do not include an email address in your comment you commit to check back to see if you won. International OK.

If you win, you are agreeing to review the book. Please post an honest review someplace where other people will see it. Amazon, Goodreads etc are especially awesome places to leave a review, but your blog is also good.

In your comment finish the following sentence:

The rutabaga is a devious vegetable known to pry its way out of cellars and vegetable bins in the darkest hours of the night whereupon, after securing the butterknife, it steals all the __________.