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To distract you from the fact that I have no post (some of you may know that I have a book due November 1st) —

Note to Self: Arrange to post here on a day when Amanda doesn’t post the day before. She has an 11/1 deadline, too, and she has this factual, interesting totally awesome post. I have this. But I bet my deadline is much deader than hers. Or maybe it’s me that’s dead.

Here are some pretty pictures:

Picture of Honey Dijon Rose with Rain drops

Blogger making this smaller doesn’t do justice to the photo, I’m afraid. But this rose is called Honey Dijon.

OK, to make this go faster, I am now choosing random photos. Oh my God, this is so fun! What will show up?

Mystery Photo #1

Mystery Photo #2

Mystery Photo #3

Mystery Photo #4

Mystery Photo #5

Yeah. So guess what I like to take pictures of?

ETA: I think everyone should just guess what the pictures are of. Wackiness wins points. Hint: Plants.

P.S. I took all these pictures at my house.

P.P.S. The deadline is still killing me.

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