I mentioned earlier that I’m planning a Greek mythology themed children’s party. My husband calls it a toga party for kids, though perhaps that might make some parents nervous!

Like people during the Regency, a lot of kids are into mythology. My own love the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, books featuring modern-day children born of gods and humans that go to a Camp Half-blood, kind of like Harry Potter with Greek mythology rather than witchcraft.

So this weekend we’re going to have the guests take a Greek Goddess quiz, participate in a goddess fashion show (with appropriate props, like that Athena helmet I have still to make!) followed by Greek food, cake, grape juice in wine glasses, etc… Here’s the quiz, in case anyone would like to try it!

Which statements best describe you?

A) I am smart. I give good advice to everyone I know.
B) I like to go my own way but I will also protect anyone I see being picked on.
C) I am beautiful and everyone loves me.
D) I like wealth and order. I protect what is mine.
E) I am caring and nurturing.
F) I am easy to be around. I want everyone to be comfortable.

Your favorite activity is:

A) Arts and crafts
B) Sports
C) Clothes shopping
D) Gossiping and plotting
E) Gardening
F) Relaxing by a fireplace

Your favorite thing to wear is:

A) Clothes that are neat and practical
B) Clothes I can play sports in
C) Anything pretty and girly
D) Anything with a designer label on it
E) Anything with a flowery pattern
F) Pajamas and bunny slippers

What is your favorite animal?
A) Owl
B) Deer
C) Dove
D) Peacock
E) Butterfly
F) Cat

If someone does something to annoy you, what do you do?

A) I try to get him to see wisdom. If he doesn’t, I declare war on him.
B) I turn him into an animal and hunt him down.
C) I charm him into doing what I want.
D) I send snakes after him.
E) I freeze up.
F) I forgive him.

How do you feel about boys?

A) I like them as friends, but only if they are smart and study with me.
B) I like them as friends, but only if they let me play sports with them.
C) I love them, especially if they are cute.
D) I like them as long as they do what I want. Otherwise I hate them!
E) I love them if they are kind to everyone around them.
F) I like them as friends and appreciate them just the way they are.

Count up how many responses you got for each letter. Match the letter you had the most responses with the goddess. A=Athena, B=Artemis, C=Aphrodite, D=Hera, E=Demeter, F=Hestia.

And here’s an adult Greek Goddess quiz at Paleothea. For our visitors of the masculine persuasion, there’s also a Greek God quiz, too. We all know Bertie must be Adonis reincarnated, but I would love to know which Greek God Todd most resembles!

Anyway, I tested out as Athena on the kids’ quiz and a mix of Aphrodite and Gaia (associated with Demeter) on the Paleothea quiz. I must be complex. 🙂

So any of us into Greek mythology? What do you think is the appeal? And if you have time, let us know which Greek god or goddess you most resemble!