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As some of you know, I’ve never thought that Marianne Dashwood of “Sense and Sensibility” deserved Colonel Brandon, or was a good match for him. Now, after years of complaining, I’m finally going to do something about it! (With your help, of course.)

We are going to find a new woman for Colonel Brandon! Who gets your vote?

How about Anne Elliot? She’s smart, she’s kind, and she isn’t a teenager. She doesn’t fall in love with cads. On the other hand, both she and Brandon are a bit brooding. Are they too much alike? Would their marriage be a depression made in heaven?

Jane Bennet is much more mature than Marianne, but just as blonde and pretty. And she doesn’t fall in love with cads either. She might not be up to his intellectual weight, though. Would Brandon soon tire of Jane’s sweet nothings? (Pretty much anything she says is a sweet nothing, after all.)

Elizabeth Bennet is smart, and she and Brandon could have invigorating discussions. Or is she too sharp for him? Does he fall in love with teenagers because he’s secretly insecure? Elizabeth might not have the flattering tongue he needs… Or is he confident in himself, and man enough for our Lizzy?

The Fanny Dashwood in the dreadful movie of “Mansfield Park” (which doesn’t deserve to be called a Jane Austen movie, but that rant’s for another time) definitely deserved a better fellow than Edmund! He’s a wimp, and falls in love with female cads! But is this Fanny too contaminated by Patricia Rozema’s movie to truly satisfy Brandon? How about the Fanny of Austen’s book? Would Brandon bring her out of her shell? She’s very young, but perhaps she needs a better defender than indecisive Edmund! And we know Brandon likes teenagers… 🙂 Then again, wouldn’t he be a much better grandfather to Jane Austen’s Fanny?

How about Jane Fairfax? Surely she can do better than that semi-cad, Frank Churchill! She’s quiet, just like Brandon — but is that a good thing or a bad thing? Would they both just sit around all day like lumps? Is she too perfect for him? Surely any woman who’s too perfect for Mr. Knightley would be too perfect for our Colonel Brandon! After all, anyone who falls for Marianne is clearly not looking for a flawless woman. (It could be argued he’s not looking for a woman at all, but that’s another rant for another time.)

Some of you seem to think that Duck-face Miss Bingley can be saved. Who better to do it than Colonel Brandon! Would true love transform her shallow desperation into warm maturity? Or would he end up a grump behind his newspaper like Hugh Laurie’s character?

Or, of course, you may choose to match Brandon up with Marianne if you wish, or with someone not listed here!

Who do you think Colonel Brandon should marry?

MY LADY GAMESTER — Holt Medallion Finalist!

Last week we tried to marry off poor Colonel Brandon, who clearly deserves a good wife. (If you missed that discussion, you can still take part if you click here.)

This week — Elinor Dashwood!

(And for those of you who are wondering, yes — I do have a little problem with Jane Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility.”) 🙂

So. Elinor Dashwood. Who should she marry? Who will make her truly happy? YOU decide!

How about Colonel Brandon? He’s intelligent, sensitive, and well bred. Plus, he has more money than Edward! Were Elinor and Brandon fated to fall in love? Was Jane Austen blind to their true destinies? (I will admit, the first time I ever read S&S, I thought Elinor and Colonel Brandon would get together. I felt they had a real connection! They certainly seemed to have better conversations than Elinor and Edward, or Marianne and anybody! Was Jane Austen mistaken? Or did she perhaps know the truth, but have to hide it in clues due to some secret cabal that would murder anyone who — um, okay, wrong book.)

Does Elinor Dashwood secretly have a thing for that rascal Willoughby? The cad is certainly more manly than the easily-manipulated Edward. (And Emma Thompson fell for Greg Wise, which must mean something!) But would he just break her heart? And is he too young, too immature for her anyway? Or would she steady him, while he brought some spontaneity into her life? (Am I sounding like Oprah yet?)

As long as we’re giving her young cads, how about the youngest and newest on the block? Blond Wickham here is certainly nice to look at. Would Elinor have a great time reforming him? Of course, he’s very very young. But Elinor’s only nineteen herself, right?

While we’re on the subject of blonds, how about Sharpe? (I know, I know, bizarre choice. I just like the picture. Nice picture. Yummy Sharpe. Umm….what was I saying?) If Elinor could reform Willoughby, could she reform Sharpe? He’s a different sort of womanizer…less calculated, more impulsive. Would the class thing keep them apart? (Okay, yes, he’s a ridiculous suggestion, but he looks so nice in his uniform!)

How would Elinor and Captain Wentworth do together? She’s good, I suspect, at supporting male egos — and he’s got one that needs to be supported. He’s better off than Edward (but then, who isn’t???), and has friendlier relatives. So if Anne Elliot weren’t around, would Wentworth be Elinor’s true love, and vice versa?

Or how about Mr. Darcy? Sure, he’s perfect for Elizabeth Bennet, but if she didn’t have him, how would he do for Elinor Dashwood? Would her stodginess and his stodginess breed until they were dull and insufferable? Or would her gentle ways and his good breeding create a peaceful, beautiful home? (And don’t forget that money! I do want to give Elinor a lot of money. She deserves it.)

Wait, I already did Mr. Darcy, right? Well, I know some of you like Colin Firth (and some of you really like Colin Firth) and some of you like Matthew McFadyen (and some of you really like Matthew McFadyen) so I figured I’d put both pictures here to keep the fighting down to a minimum!

So, would anyone else do better for Elinor? Mr. Tilney? (Too flippant?) Edmund Bertram? (Too serious?) Edward Ferrars? (Too wimpy? Too poor?) Mr. Knightley?

Mr. Knightley! Oh, I can’t pass up an excuse to put Mr. Knightley’s picture up here. My Jeremy is so handsome! Besides, Mr. Knightley may be the perfect match for Elinor. Mature, well-bred, and very very rich. 🙂

So — who gets your vote? Who do you think Elinor Dashwood should marry?

MY LADY GAMESTER — Holt Medallion Finalist!

In recent weeks, we have tried to find the ideal mate for two of Jane Austen’s characters, Elinor Dashwood and Colonel Brandon, both of Sense and Sensibility. (If you click on their names, you can still vote on who they should marry!)

Today: on to Pride and Prejudice! Mary Bennet is an earnest, studious girl clearly in need of a story of her own featuring a suitable hero (as several of you pointed out on last Thursday’s post). But what will her story be — and which hero???

How about Edward Ferrars? He’s another quiet reader, and Mary’s modest earthly ambitions surely wouldn’t mind Edward’s small income. He’s kind and sweet, too. Are they a perfect match? And with Marianne as a sister, would Mary learn to lighten up? (Or would Marianne just annoy her the way Lydia and Kitty did?)

Or would Colonel Brandon be more Mary’s style? (Yes, he is very old for her, but we know he likes fresh young things.) Mr. Bennet seems to have been a decent father to Jane and Lizzy, but I’ve always suspected he’d given up by the time Mary came along. So she may need a father figure — and Colonel Brandon is very dependable, and never cruel. He could be the father Mary never had, and the husband she never knew she wanted.

Or does Mary secretly have a thing for the caddish Wickham? In her heart does she wish that the scarlet-coated rascal would stop paying attention to her sisters and court her instead? Could Mary’s high-mindedness reform Wickham, while his love of pleasure would at the same time be opening her eyes to earthly delights?

Or does Mary need a very young, physical hero? Would she be a good match for the young Horatio Hornblower? He’s equally hard-working and earnest. Would her intellectual abilities improve his mind, as his experience in the world broadens hers? Then again, he’d be gone for long periods at sea! (But would she mind? She could catch up on her reading!)

Or does Mary really need a worldly rake to awaken her sleeping desires? How about Mr. Rochester? She does in some ways resemble Jane Eyre, so why not? Her primness and his brutal earthiness could be an exciting combination.

How about Tom Jones? He would bring youthful energy into Mary’s life. He’s a bit of a bad boy — with the emphasis on boy this time — but surely Mary Bennet could handle him. (She does have that stern schoolmistress thing going for her!) And who doesn’t love a rascal?

Or maybe Mary needs more excitement in her life! If she were married to the Scarlet Pimpernel, she’d have plenty! She’s reserved, so she’d be excellent at keeping secrets. What do you think?

Who would suit Mary best? Or would someone I haven’t mentioned be the best match for sober Mary Bennet?

All opinions welcome!

MY LADY GAMESTER — Award of Excellence Finalist!

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