First, let me preface this by saying I am sleep deprived because of a day job production database situation that kept me up and tense for about 10 hours Sunday afternoon through about 2:00am Monday. So the brain is a bit mushy.  Things came right in the end, but it was scary bad for a while.


It seems to be the case that when I buy books, physical reference books in particular, eventually, I run out of places to put them. My stacks are out of control. In fact, they no longer resemble stacks. Instead, they slid around like there’s a layer of jelly between them.

If I go higher, someone, probably me, is going to get hurt.

If I go wider, someone, probably me, is going to fall down in the attempt to find floor space for my feet.

So I have had to get mean.


REALLY mean. Meaner than that Spartan cat.

I have begun to throw away books. Paper books. In my TBR. Book I bought and wanted to read. I loaned my copy of Wise Man’s Fear (a behemoth) to someone and told the loanee to take his time because when I do have time to read the book myself, I will buy it for Kindle. I just don’t do big books in paper anymore. Sorry.

Big Freaking Hardback Fantasy vs. iPad3?

The ipad3 wins. The iPad3 wins in just about every category actually.

The substructure beneath my TBR has begun to emerge.

My GOD!!!! There’s a floor here!!!!

I have found other things, too. Like, my copy of Thieves Kitchen, the Regency Underworld. I’ve been wondering where that went. People, there was a LOT of crime in the Regency.

Until such time as an eBook can adequately display the contents of some of the great, image-heavy reference books, I won’t be giving up my reference library. I suspect none of those reference books are making it to digital anytime soon.

Shame that, because eventually the presentation for books like that will be BETTER than paper.  (video, color, 3-D image rendering. — Imagine if your fashion book showed you a 360 of that gown and zoomed in on the details, or showed a person wearing it, not a mannequin but a person. THAT would be awesome. I can’t wait.)

My TBR I’m afraid, is physical toast. It’s going digital.

My Questions to You

  • How close are you to going nuclear with your physical TBR?
  • What’s in it?
  • What’s a book you’re dying to read but haven’t yet?
  • What’s the best book you’ve read lately?

Next week, Crime?

P.S. Whichever Risky was nice enough to put the cover of Not Wicked Enough in the right-hand column over there ——>
Thank you. That was really nice.