Having been accused (several times) of despising gratuitous mantitty, I present for your delectation the following…

Oooh. Alan Greenspan. He is just so … powerful. So … hot. Announcements about interest rates haven’t been the same since his retirement. It might only have been a quarter of an interest point, but temperatures would soar.

Sean Connery, the man who’s been shaking and stirring us for … decades. Oh baby.

Patrick Stewart who could make it so with me anytime. Not only can he wear spandex in public and not be embarrassed but he can sing and dance too. Check it out.

Peter O’Toole, once a lovely young thing, now a lovely, if cadaverous, old thing who could cross my desert any time.

Alan Rickman, the underground hit of Sense and Sensibility,.Women swooned at his imcomprehensible upperclass mumble and the slow crawl of his jowls seeking freedom from his high collar.

Ian McKellen, quite definitely a player for the other team and never the prettiest boy in the playground, but he does have a certain … something. There’s just something about him that makes you want to comb through his beard for snacks or offer to hold his staff if he looks tired.

Come on, ladies. Confess. Who’s your favorite hot old man?