I feel as if I’ve finally obtained those coveted tickets to Almack’s! Goodness. I’m really here. At the Risky Regencies. (fanning self) Everyone here is so deliciously wonderful, a few are even notorious. Is my gown is fashionable enough? What if I say the wrong thing to the person, or the right thing to the wrong gentleman? What if no one asks me to dance? Should I have the ratafia or the orgeat? Perhaps it would be safer to have nothing and refuse all offers to dance. I might fall or otherwise make a spectacle of myself. Life is fraught, I tell you. Simply fraught.

Hello there. I’m Carolyn Jewel and this is my Riskies debut. Be gentle for this is my first time in the social whirl that is the ton.

A little bit about myself, then. Right. Carolyn Jewel, as mentioned. I write historical romance for Berkley Sensation. My most recent historical is Scandal and Indiscreet will be out this October. I write paranormals, too, but not Regency set ones, so ’nuff said.

I love the Regency era and I very much look forward to posting about all things Regency and Risky. While I was writing Indiscreet I learned a great deal about Britain’s presence in the Ottoman Empire during the time period. Any opinions on a post or two about this subject? Until next time,