I was trying to figure out what I would blog about and I thought that, in honor of it being Wednesday (“Hump Day”) when you read this, I would find out something about camels in the Regency. So I Googeled Regency Camels. Sometimes the Internet surprises me.

The #1 Regency Camel related result?

Regency Camel Toe.

I am not kidding.

Of course I clicked. http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/regency-camel-toe So should you. It’s safe for work except for the part where if you click it won’t look very work-related.

BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I almost died laughing. Camel toe indeed. Pink breeches!

It Gets Better

The link above will guide you here: Regency Camel Toe. Essentially safe for work except for the not working part.

Here is a picture of a real camel.

Via Adam Foster | Codefor

You may read about Camels here:

Yup. Sometimes the internet surprises me.